Friday, February 29, 2008

"A Morning Walk to Meditate"


Today I got up and headed for some coffee,
Bringing my circlet of roses with me on the way.
I jammed it on my head as I buttered toast
And boiled an egg for protein and my health.

I forgot to take off the circlet in the shower
So the roses were kinda wilted when i stepped out
But what the hay, they look good with wet hair.
I threw on my purple muu muu and my sneakers,

And headed out for a morning walk with nature.
I whistled for my dog JoJo to come with me,
He gets so pissed off when I forget.
I decided to take note of the types of birds

That go soaring so far above us;
JoJo always chases all the little animals
So there is no way I could miss any of them.
It feels so good to feel the sun against my face

(I always wear the lotions with SPF blockers in them).
Lots of pinecones are on the ground to trip over,
And squirrels that like to fuss at JoJo from the trees.
It's so great to meditate in the mornings,

While I walk to get rid of my extra cellulite!
The breeze feels so good when I'm not wearing underwear,
As long as I don't sit down to rest with JoJo
And forget about crawling ants and my grass allergy.

© Copyright 2/29/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Raven)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"The Tiles of Blood"


I wandered outside my castle room this morning
Still in nightdress, for no one was about.
Then I felt the door lock behind me,
And whirled around...

Things had changed in the courtyard
Half of the walls were as they had always been,
And some of them were upside down,
With a gap at the bottom like they were on the top.

I am afraid of heights, and screamed for help
But no one came.
Then suddenly, on the tiles where I was standing
Was bright red blood, spreading fast!

I could not get away from it on my bare feet
Unless I climbed up the walls.
Since some were upside down with castle-top first,
I was afraid I would fall from the walls

No matter which part of them I climbed.
I screamed again and fainted,
And awoke covered in blood.
I leaned against a sturdy wall to catch my breath,

But was afraid it would crumble behind me
Or that I would suddenly be atop the walls.
"What have I done?" I screamed,
"Why is this happening to me?"

Then I saw a transparent white figure
Wavering in and out until it was solid.
It was Helga, my foster-sister until this year
Who had fallen from the castle walls.

Even in death she was very beautiful,
The one who had drawn all the menfolk to her
And especially my betrothed, Sweet Almert.
I hoped that her spirit did not know

That I had paid the stable-boy to push her
And given him a horse to leave the castle.
It seemed an accident to every one,
For they knew she loved Almert and was in despair.

Almert loved her too, and I would not share him!
She drew nearer to me, held out her hand
And pushed it against my cheek.
"You have the choice you did not give me,"
She said.

"You can wear always this bloody handprint
And it will never leave your skin,
Or you can walk through this space
Where the tower top touches the ground;

You will not have as far to fall as I did."
I cried for mercy, but she gave me none.
"Almert will recognize my hand," she said;
He is obliged to marry, but he will hate you."

I asked her for the love we bore each other
Before Almert came into our lives,
If she would hold my hand as I walked into space.
And she did, for she loved me still.

© Copyright 2/26/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Raven)

"Your Moods"


Even the candles go out when you walk by,
I think you intimidate the hell out of them.
It's easier to crouch in a corner when you are angry,
But some day your head is going to explode
And I don't want that messy fallout all over me!

I'm not sure if you take bad moods to a new low
Or to a new high, but for sure, they are sooo annoying.
Sometimes I dream of lobbing dinner dishes at you,
With all kinds of spaghetti and junk still on them.
Even my familiar slinks behind the chair

When you are in one of your moods;
(My spirit guides just make an excuse, and disappear).
Even our resident ghost doesn't start moaning
Until you've had about five whiskies and passed out.
I looked in the phone book today under "Hitman,"

But just couldn't find one that wasn't too expensive.
I guess I'll just have to do the job myself.
I looked in the yellow pages under "Poisons",
But it seemed like an awful lot of trouble...
After all, by now I am used to you.

© Copyright 2/27/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Raven)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

U.S. Religious Landscape Survey Results

"Survey: U.S. religious landscape in flux

Poll finds Protestant churches in decline, unaffiliated ranks

The Associated Press
updated 5:28 p.m. MT, Mon., Feb. 25, 2008

[1] Full News Story:

[2] Complete survey results and statistics from the Pew (Foundation)
Forum's U.S. Religious Landscape Survey:


Here are the thoughts regarding thee above from the Temple of Kemetic Wicca:

Clearly, many (if not most) of these hugely financially funded social / demographic research organizations are Christian-based in their spiritual belief systems and just do not feel the need to be religiously tolerant toward, let alone acknowledging, any Pagan religion or Pagan spiritual path outside of Catholicism, Christianity, etc.

Again, this goes back to the fact that we Pagans MUST ban together (however slowly) and pool all of our resources in order to continue to thrive and build the organizations that will focus on the needs of our peoples of all ethnicities as well as all alternative religio-spiritual denominations.

So far, individuals (from published authors to professional bloggers), specific covens/groves/circles, the Internet, our various metaphysical shoppes, and related small businesses have been the "usual" way for us to be heard. I know that the many Pagan Communities here and around the globe spend a great deal of money and have buying power which can lead to serious / positive socio-political change, theological change via our marketing and promotional prowess. We must begin to collectively put all of our interpersonal skills, foundations of intellectual knowledge and education, and buying power together in order to influence and attain political representation and lobbying power in the United States of America and globally!

Just imagine if we pooled just some of our financial resources and pointed these funds directly toward those pertinent grassroots project that will affect and effect positive change for our communities now and into the distant future of our children and elders? We all, as practitioners of Alternative Religions and Spiritualities (ARS), are both ingrained and engrained in every part or aspect of the life we all share upon our planet Earth! We all are representative of every facet and/or level of the so-called "socio-economic and socio-political" ladders.

We have pondered and have held our counsel long enough! Pagan priest/ess, minister, clergy, or whatever appellative you may or may not refer to yourselves as are the beginning point(s) of this proactive endeavor. The Temple of Kemetic Wicca has a commitment, a definitive plan and has been actively seeking the assistance of many people in order to help with meeting the positive financial goals of our panoramic agenda (which IS NOT about recruitment, evangelism, proselytizing, or personal financial gain ever). Yes, Pagan ministries, organizations, and businesses do require financial capitalization and good financial accounting practices in order to fund their religio-spiritual projects, educational institutions (i.e., teaching, education, training, research and development, literary publications) and thrive.

All in all, we get turned down and turned away when we seek funding! Why? Because WE ARE PAGAN! Somewhere, somehow…many peoples around our Earth we all live in and share just do not take the time to get to know any of us and what we are all about. Everyone has the same social, economic, health, employment, political, needs, wants, and issues (i.e., everyday life challenges and expectations) as human beings on our planet Earth. We are all supposed to be relatively healthy, happy, and prosperous within our daily human lives and humanity within thee everyday mundane confines, restraints, and challenges that present themselves. Inherently, we are all the same and connected (like it or not) from thee cosmic evolutionary beginnings of the entire Universe all the way through the here and now of our present day and time. Please feel free to interpret this in any manner acceptable to you—because it’s all valid. Whatever form or formlessness of divinity speaks to YOU is indeed valid. However, the collective validity of all spiritualities and belief systems does reside within us…ultimately.

Positive action will influence and thus create an equally positive reaction of social, economic, and political change for the betterment of our nature-based spiritual practices, belief systems, and global communities…benefits to be reaped and shared by all—Pagan or not.

Em Hetep,
Blessed Be,

Rev. Dr. K.A. Sahure, D.D., Msc.D.
Rev. Dr. P.M. Lorca, D.D., D.Met.
Temple of Kemetic Wicca
Priests & Priestesses of Ma’at
Khadem nt-nTr.t Ma'at

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Temple of Kemetic Wicca


We are pleased to announce the rebirth of
Temple of Kemetic Wicca

Em hetep,

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!

Rev. Frater K.A. Sahure, D.D., Msc.D., Th.D.
Rev. Frater P.M. Lorca, D.D., D.Met.
~ Presiding Spiritual Overseers of the Temple ~

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Mass of the Phoenix"


The Magician, his breast bare, stands before an altar on which are his Burin, Bell, Thurible, and two of the Cakes of Light. In the Sign of the Enterer he reaches West across the Altar, and cries:

Hail Ra, that goest in thy bark
Into the caverns of the Dark!

He gives the sign of Silence, and takes the Bell, and Fire, in his hands.

East of the Altar see me stand
With light and musick in my hand!

He strikes Eleven times upon the Bell 333 - 55555 - 333 and places the Fire in the Thurible.

I strike the Bell: I light the Flame;
I utter the mysterious Name.

He strikes eleven times upon the Bell.

Now I begin to pray: Thou Child,
Holy Thy name and undefiled!
Thy reign is come; Thy will is done.
Here is the Bread; here is the Blood.
Bring me through midnight to the Sun!
Save me from Evil and from Good!
That Thy one crown of all the Ten
Even now and here be mine. AMEN.

He puts the first Cake on the Fire of the Thurible.

I burn the Incense-cake, proclaim
These adorations of Thy name.

He makes them as in Liber Legis, and strikes again Eleven times upon the Bell. With the Burin he then makes upon his breast the proper sign.

Behold this bleeding breast of mine
Gashed with the sacramental sign!

He puts the second Cake to the wound.

I stanch the Blood; the wafer soaks
It up, and the high priest invokes!

He eats the second Cake.

This Bread I eat. This Oath I swear
As I enflame myself with prayer:
"There is no grace: there is no guilt:
This is the Law: DO WHAT THOU WILT!"

He strikes Eleven times upon the Bell, and cries

I entered in with woe; with mirth
I now go forth, and with thanksgiving,
To do my pleasure on the earth
Among the legions of the living.

He goeth forth.


Monday, February 4, 2008

"The Adventurous Witch"


I shall put my witches hat on my head,
Grab my cloak, and go out into the world!
My broom has a knapsack tied to it
With a change of clothes, my spell book
And a tiny statue (or two) of the Goddess.

I shall walk on foot to tone up my body
And avoid fast food places on the way.
When I get tired, my broom can carry me,
High up near the stars, to wave at the moon.
It is time for my Vision Quest, witchy style.

Who knows who and what I may encounter?
Life is such an adventure, anyway
And I am tired of it just being a damn soap opera.
(There is one soap opera that I like to watch
But I couldn't fit the mini-tv in my knapsack).

As it becomes dark, I can see energies
Swirling all around me and my cat Scratchie...
(Did I forget to mention my familiar)?
Too bad I couldn't shrink a lover
And bring him along in case I get horny.

The only thing about shrinking people is,
Spells can boomerang at times. Yep.
When I get sleepy I will find a place to land
Hopefully someplace soft and dry
So I can cuddle up in my cloak and rest.

I have found out the hard way before
That it is not a good thing to fall asleep
While flying the broomstick...
Scratchie got SO mad at me the last time!
I had to try to heal my broken ribs myself

And had to walk scrunched over for awhile.
But I digress, as usual.
Anyway, back to the stars and adventure.
It gets tiresome being a secret witch
And not getting to zap anybody that bugs me!

Peaceful thoughts, peaceful thoughts...
I can see that nature isn't going to do it,
I will have to meditate as well
And I didn't bring my yoga pillow for posture.
I did bring a few candles

But dammitall, I forgot the matches
And I'm not good with Fire Elementals.
Salamanders just look too much like lizards,
Don't you think so?
I wonder where there are mice for Scratchie?

Well, anyway I look damn sexy
With my black velveteen cloak with red lining
And my quilted leather spike boots
OMG! I forgot to bring deodorant.
Oh well, I will just look for nature spirits

And ask where the nearest stream is
And what they use for soap.
This is really a new learning curve for me,
Going Back to Nature, being a Green Witch
Just like my ancestors!
...This will be such fun?...

© Copyright 2/4/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Raven)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Imbolc (Imbolg)

by Micheal Hall

distributed by PAN - the Psychic Awareness Network -

Note - by Matrika, co-sysop - this ritual was written by someone I knew from the Boston MA. area a couple of years back. It is based on a combination of the lore of the Wicca and some of the afro-caribbean diaspora traditions of Paganism and Magick.


On your altar should be placed a circle of 13 stones and, within the circle of stones, a circle of 13 candles. Within the circle of candles should be spread some maize - i.e. corn meal - and in that a waxen female candle to symbolize the Goddess on your altar. On the eastern side of the altar should be placed a small sheaf of grain with a candle inserted inside it.

You should dress in your usual ceremonial garb for Magickal rites or skyclad, as you prefer.

Retire to bathe in salt-water (use sea salt) before the ritual. As you do so picture the water cleansing the soul and spirit, just as it cleanses the body. When you have dressed, anoint yourself with a holy oil. When you have prepared yourself, sit in a dim quiet place and light a candle - ONE THAT IS NOT BEING USED IN THE RITES - and meditate on how at this time of year the Goddess in her fiery aspect AS LIGHT was welcomed back into the Temples and the Homes of the land.

Take this candle and walk slowly to your altar. Place it in the circle of the 13 candles. Then light the two altar candles, which are separate from the circle of lights also, and the incense. (Incense should be stick or powdered incense on charcoal in a swinging burner.) Then light all the quarter candles in the 4 directions, starting in the east and going clockwise.

cast your circle in the usual manner, but Invoke the Goddess with the following:
"Sacred womb, giver of the secrets of Life, Mother of all that exists in the Universe, I ask your guardianship of this gathering and your assistance in my work. I am gathered in celebration of your gifts and my work is most holy. SO MOTE IT BE"

and Invoke the God in the following manner: "Fire of the sky, guardian of all that exists in the Universe, I ask your guardianship of this gathering and your assistance in my work. I am gathered in celebration of your gifts and my work is most holy. SO MOTE IT BE"

(continue with the circle casting if it is not already finished)

Light the 13 candles and then the Goddess candle in the center and say:
"Warm and quickening Light
awaken and bring forth beauty
for thou art my pleasure and my bounty
(or you may substitute whatever names your circle uses for the God and the Goddess - or those you personally prefer)

Reflect a moment on the coming of the light and offer up the incense. say
"O ancient Ones
Timeless Goddess and Sacred King who art
the heralds of springtime and it's bounties
be with me now in celebration
Hail to Osiris and Isis
Harvest giver and blessed Lady
Let this be a time and a place sacred to your power and your beauty

Light the candle in the sheaf of grain and hold it up with the loaf of bread in the other hand and say (or the cakes - whatever you or your tradition uses for the cakes and wine/juice ceremony)
"My Lord and Lady, as the seed becomes the grain, so the grain becomes the bread, Mark the everlasting value of our seasons and their changes. "

Break a piece of the bread or cakes off and burn it as an offering in the central candle.

Then say
" IN the deepest Icy Winter the seed of the Earth lies deep within the womb of the Great Mother. The Spring brings the heat of the Father and with their joining comes new life. The completion of the cycle brings food to the children of the world. As I taste the food I shall know the wisdom of the cycles and be blessed with the food of wisdom throughout my life" consecrate cakes and wine/juice in the usual manner and partake of them, but first raise your chalice or drinking horn and say

"Hail to thee ISIS
Hail to thee Osiris
For thou art blessed"

After this commune in meditation with the Lord and lady for a while, then close the circle in your usual manner.




Merry Imbolc 2008 C.E.,

Temple of Kemetic Wicca