Saturday, November 26, 2005

Seax-Wica Psalm

Pagan Seax-Wica Psalm*

Ever as I pass through the ways

Do I feel the presence of the Gods

I know that tin aught I do

They are with me

They abide in me

And I in them


No evil shall be entertained

For Purity is the dweller

Within me and about

For Good do I strive

And for Good do I live

Love unto all things

So be it forever

*Author Unknown. Saxon based Seax-Wica was founded by Raymond Buckland in 1973.

Friday, November 25, 2005


"Wiccanomics? (doctrines of 'Wicca')"
By Sam Cameron

"This paper looks at the doctrines of 'Wicca', or what might betermed as pagan or white magic by its adherents, in terms of theeconomics of religion. The primary focus of the paper is the issueof the degree of product differentiation involved from establishedreligion in terms of two things: the concept of God (or deities) andthe ideas of sin. The main contribution of the paper is that itpresents (for the first time ever, so far as the author is aware) aneconomic analysis of the doctrine of a 'rebound' effect of anyattempts to do harm to other people through the practice of magic.Some basic microeconomic concepts suggest that the moral force ofthis rebound law is a difficult one to sustain except under veryunreasonable assumptions..."

Full Essay:
Cameron, Sam. "Wiccanomics?(doctrines of 'Wicca')." Review of SocialEconomy 63.1 (March 2005): 87(14). InfoTrac OneFile. Thomson Gale. 06 December 2005 [
&type=retrieve&tabID=T002&prodId=ITOF&docId=A134315395 &source=gale&srcprod=ITOF

Document Number: A134315395

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Musings of Sifu H.A. Diop 11.24.05

"The way begets one; one begets two; two begets three; three begets the myriad creatures.

Although here it is said that 'the way begets one', 'the One' is, in fact very often used as another name for the 'tao'. Understood in this way, we can see that it is 'the One' or the 'tao' which is responsible for creating as well as supporting the universe.

Of old, these came to be in possession of the One:

Heaven in virtue of the One is limpid;
Earth in virtue of the One is settled;
Gods in virtue of the One have their potencies;
The valley in virtue of the One is full;
The myriad creatures in virtue of the One are alive;
Lords and princes in virtue of the One become leaders in the empire.

It is the One that makes these what they are."

► Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching (circa 4th century B.C.E.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Musings of Sifu H.A. Diop 11.23.05

Book Two - LXXV

"The people are hungry:
It is because those in authority eat up too much in taxes
That the people are hungry.
The people are difficult to govern:
It is because those in authority are too fond of action
That the people are difficult to govern.
The people treat death lightly:
It is because the people set too much store by life
That they treat death lightly.

It is just because one has no use for life that one is wiser than the man who values life."

► Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching (circa 4th century B.C.E.)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Musings of Sifu H.A. Diop 11.22.05

"Enlightenment is often achieved from great personal struggle."

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sagacity . . .

"In practice it is possible to determine directly the skin colour and hence the ethnic affiliations of the ancient Egyptians by microscopic analysis in the laboratory; I doubt if the sagacity of the researchers who have studied the question has overlooked the possibility."

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop
Egyptologist - Physicist

Sunday, November 20, 2005

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Musings of Sifu H.A. Diop 11.16.05

Du Mu (Tu Mu) 803-852 CE

From the immortal commentaries of the prominent late Tang Dynasty (618-906 CE) poet, essayist, calligrapher, and painter:

“The Way means humaneness and justice. In ancient times a famous minister of state asked a political philosopher about military matters. The philosopher said, ‘Humaneness and justice are the means by which to govern properly. When government is carried out properly, people feel close to leadership and think little of dying for it.’ ”

Excerpted from The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poem: TO-DAY


I had a song I would not sing
Beacuse it seemed a simple thing.
I sang my song, and hearts in pain
Found heart to live and strive again.

I had a word I feared to say
A hope that lived with me always,
Nor breathed the hope, nor said the word,
And life for two fore'er was marred.

So sing the song you have to-day,
Though weak, yet cheering be thy lay;
Breathe love's fond hope and let be heard
In waiting ears love's tender word.

Excerpted from:
The Works of Katherine Davis Chapman Tillman (1991)
By Katherine Davis Chapman Tillman

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Book Donations

Greetings to all,

Since the Temple of Kheti (and Kheti Metaphysical Institute) is a religious, spiritual, and teaching organization (and does not charge for any of our services), there is a need for donations of books so that we can continue to teach present members, new members, and clergy (priests and priestesses in-training). This is in addition to our moving forward with offering an online class about World Religions.

If you wish to donate books, then here are the subjects we are looking for:

I. Language and Grammar

Egyptian (Coptic, Demotic, Hieratic, and Hieroglyphic)

II. Religious Studies Materials

Islam (Qur'an)
LDS - Book of Mormon

III. World Religions and Spirituality

Any subject(s)

* * * * *

How to connect with the Temple of Kheti to send your book donation(s):
Due to the proliferation of spam e-mails, we will not give out our e-mail or mailing addresses here. If you are truly serious about donating books, then connect with us by visiting the home page of for a link where you can e-mail us regarding your intent to donate books. Thank you in advance.

Em hotep & Blesséd Be,

Rev. Dr. Kheti A. Sahure, D.D., Msc.D. (D.Met.), H.P.
The Temple of

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Rocky Mountain Pagan Network (RMPN)

Announcing the formation of a new web ring for Wiccan, Witchcraft, and Pagan website owners of the Rocky Mountain region. Websites in other geographic locations are encouraged to join too.

To become a member, visit the following link:

~ Blessed Be ~

Friday, November 11, 2005

Musings of Sifu H.A. Diop 11.11.05

Greed is like a double-edged Rapier --

Greed can be righteous if employed to help others and promote good.

Greed can be truly unrighteous if soullessly pursued for material gain, fortune, and fame.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Ancient Egyptian Religious Law

The 42 Divine Laws of Goddess Ma’at

[Version I]

1. I have not committed murder, neither have I bid any man to slay
on my behalf.
2. I have not committed rape, neither have I forced any woman to
commit fornication.
3. I have not avenged myself, nor have I burned with rage.
4. I have not caused terror, nor have I worked affliction.
5. I have caused none to feel pain, nor have I worked grief.
6. I have done neither harm nor ill, nor I have caused misery.
7. I have done no hurt to man, nor have I wrought harm to beasts.
8. I have made none to weep.
9. I have had no knowledge of evil, neither have I acted wickedly,
nor have I wronged the people.
10. I have not stolen, neither have I taken that which does not
belong to me, nor that which belongs to another, nor have I taken
from the orchards, nor snatched the milk from the mouth of the baby.
11. I have not defrauded, neither I have added to the weight of the
balance, nor have I made light the weight in the scales.
12. I have not laid waste the plowed land, nor trampled down the
13. I have not driven the cattle from their pastures, nor have I
deprived any of that which was rightfully theirs.
14. I have accused no man falsely, nor have I supported any false
15. I have spoken no lies, neither have I spoken falsely to the hurt
of another.
16. I have never uttered fiery words, nor have I stirred up strife.
17. I have not acted guilefully, neither have I dealt deceitfully,
nor spoken to deceive to the hurt another.
18. I have not spoken scornfully, nor have I set my lips in motion
against any man.
19. I have not been an eavesdropper.
20. I have not stopped my ears against the words of Right and Truth.
21. I have not judged hastily, nor have I judged harshly.
22. I have committed no crime in the place of Right and Truth.
23. I have caused no wrong to be done to the servant by his master.
24. I have not been angry without cause.
25. I have not turned back water at its springtide, nor stemmed the
flow of running water.
26. I have not broken the channel of a running water.
27. I have never fouled the water, nor have I polluted the land.
28. I have not cursed nor despised the gods, nor have I done that
which the good gods abominate.
29. I have not vexed or angered any god.
30. I have not robbed any god, nor have I filched that which has
been offered in the temples.
31. I have not added unto nor have I diminished the offerings which
are due.
32. I have not purloined the cakes of the gods.
33. I have not carried away the offerings made unto the blessed
34. I have not disregarded the season for the offerings that are
35. I have not turned away the cattle set apart for sacrifice.
36. I have not thwarted the processions of a god.
37. I have not slaughtered with evil intent the cattle of a god.
38. I have not acted guilefully nor have I acted in insolence.
39. I have not been overly proud, nor have I behaved myself with
40. I have never magnified my condition beyond what was fitting.
41. Each day I have labored more than was required of me.
42. My name has not come forth to the boat of the Prince.

* * * * *

[Version II]

I. I respect the property of others
II. I care for the earth
III. I affirm that all life is sacred
IV. I eat only my fair share
V. I honor animals as sacred beings
VI. I keep the waters pure
VII. I give offerings that are genuine and generous
VIII. I hold sacred those objects consecrated to the Divine
IX. I give blessings
X. I praise the Goddess
XI. I embrace The All
XII. I speak the truth
XIII. I speak works of good intent
XIV. I speak positively of others
XV. I communicate with compassion
XVI. I speak without disturbing others
XVII. I speak with optimism
XVIII. I listen to opposing opinions
XIX. I relate in peace
XX. I can be trusted
XXI. I spread joy
XXII. I create harmony
XXIII. I am forgiving
XXIV. I invoke laughter
XXV. I benefit without violence
XXVI. I keep my own council
XXVII. I remain in balance with my emotions
XXVIII. I hold purity in high esteem
XXIX. I do the best I can
XXX. I advance through my own abilities
XXXI. I follow my inner guidance
XXXII. I achieve with integrity
XXXIII. I honor virtue
XXXIV. I am non violent
XXXV. I live in truth
XXXVI. I am trustful in my relationships
XXXVII. I am open to love
XXXVIII. I am non abusive
XXXIX. I act respectfully to others
XL. I am non-judgmental
XLI. I do good
XLII. I am humble

* * * * *

Ankh udja seneb

Rev. Dr. K.A. Sahure, Hem-netjer-tepey
Rev. Sifu H.A. Diop, Wa’eb
Rev. D.M. Raven, Wa’eb
The Temple of Kheti Ministry
The Temple of

Saturday, November 5, 2005

Mystik Forest Forum

Merry Ye Meet,

Mystik Forest is a teaching and learning forum for new solitary Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and other earth-based spiritual paths. Discuss anything within the realm of the Old Religion and the Dianic Tradition including, but not limited to, the Gods and Goddesses, magickal tools, high and low magick, starting your altar, casting a circle, candles, correspondences, spirit guides, the history of the Craft, writing and casting spells, forming and performing rituals, divination, and anything else that comes to mind.

Merry Ye Part

* * * * *

For those who are interested in joining Mystik Forest, there is a subscription box at the bottom of the ILMJ home page.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Musings of Sifu H.A. Diop 11.03.05

"Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur"
(Marcus Tullius Cicero)

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Recipe Korner: English Cucumber & Greens

English Cucumber & Greens Salad

7 Thin slices of English cucumber
1 Cup of fresh uncooked spinach
1 Cup of Romaine lettuce
7 Slices of mushroom (of your choice)
1/8 Cup of chopped leek or green onion
1/2 Tomato sliced in any manner you choose

Toss the above veggies, then flavor with
A sprig of garlic pepper,
A sprig of Parmesan cheese.

Lightly top this wonderful salad with your favorite dressing.


Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Meditation Revisited

Meditation is a way of private devotion or mental exercise, in which techniques of concentration and contemplation are used to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness. Meditation has existed in all religions, in some manner or form, since ancient times. Including visualization (techniques) with meditation helps with grounding, focusing, directing, centering personal energy, and bringing forth true self awareness.

In Hinduism, for example, it has been systematized into the many philosophical schools and classifications of Yoga. One aspect of Yoga, Dhyana (Sanskrit meaning "concentrated meditation"), gave rise to a school of its own among the Buddhists, thus becoming the basis of Zen. In many religions, meditation involves verbal or mental repetition of a single syllable, word, or text known as a "mantra". Visual images, such as a "mandala", or mechanical devices as candles, prayer wheels, rosaries, brass bells and cymbals, metal singing bowls, drumming, and meditation pillows can be useful in focusing one's concentration. These tools can assist in channeling the Shakti (energy) of one's Ch'i or Qi (internal vital energy) thus having the potential to bring one deep within their subconsciousness.

During the 20th century, Transcendental Meditation or TM emerged as a non-religious meditation form and technique that did not required, and still does not, a particular belief system or change in one's lifestyle. TM can be learned by anyone regardless of age, race, occupation, or level of education. Having a general foundation of understanding in Yoga, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism will enhance one's meditative experiences as well as concentration of attention, visualization, and being aware of one's own body and inner resources.

Meditation can lower one's blood pressure, improve health and well being, reduce anxiety and stress, slow down aging, change breathing patterns, improve perception, increase productivity, promote deeper restful sleep, and more from thought to action to self liberation.