Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lucid Dreaming: An Introduction

Learn to awaken in your dreams and take full control. Live out your fantasies, meet the rich and famous or be analyzed by Freud! Lucid dreaming appears as real as the world you are in right now.

What will you do tonight?

The first step to using hypnosis in lucid dreaming or "dream control" begins with remembering your dreams. A key point to consider is that everybody dreams. You may not remember your dreams when you wake but in an 8 hour night of sleeping you usually have five or more dreams.

Before retiring at night take several deep breaths. Close your eyes and relax each muscle group in turn. Begin with your feet. Tense them and hold for a few seconds then release the tension and relax. Move up your body to your head until you have relaxed your entire body. Imagine that you are descending a long flight of stairs with ten steps. Breathe with each step you take and repeat the word "relax". Once at the bottom, imagine that you are in a tranquil setting and rest there for awhile.

Now mentally tell yourself that when you awaken you will be fresh, rested, full of energy and will remember your last dream in vivid, colorful detail.

Have a pen and small notebook beside your bed; and upon awakening, immediately ask yourself: What did I dream or dream about last night? Focus on taking deep breaths. Then write down your dream in as much detail as you can recall. This is an important step so do not overlook this!

After several days of this practice, look over or review your written dream accounts while looking for recurring themes or "dream sign". For instance, your dream sign might be that you always have something to drink or some sort of drinkable liquid (libation) in your dreams. Your "dream sign" may be similar to or different than someone else's as well as having different connotations or symbolism (i.e., symbolic, archetypal meaning).

Now when retiring the next night go through your relaxation exercise and tell yourself that you will become aware of that you are dreaming when you encounter your dream sign. Tell yourself that it is, in terms of a sign or symbolic beacon, that you should awaken in your dream.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Albert Gallatin Mackey: The Symbolism of Freemasonry

After Death

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Witches’ Rede

(Original Version)

Bide the witches rede ye must,

In perfect love and perfect trust.

Live and let live,

Fairly take and fairly give.

Form the circle thrice about,

To keep all ye evil sprits out.

To bind the spell well every time,

Let the spell be spoken in rhyme.

Soft of eye, and light of touch,

Speak ye little, and listen ye much.

Deosil go by the waxing moon,

Singing out the witch's rune.

Widdershins go by the waning moon,

Chanting out the baneful tune.

When the Lady's moon is new,

Kiss your hand to her times two.

When the moon is at her peak,

Then thy hearts desire seek.

Heed the North wind's mighty gale,

Lock the doors and trim the sail.

When the winds come from the South,

Love will kiss thee on the mouth.

When the moor winds are from the West,

Departed spirits have no rest.

When the winds are from the East,

Expect the new and trim the feast.

Nine woods in the cauldron go,

Burn them quick and burn them slow.

Elder be the Lady's tree,

Burn it not or cursed ye'll be.

When the wheel begins to turn,

let the Beltane fires burn.

When the wheel turns to Yule,

Light the log for the Horned One Rules.

Heed the flower, bush and tree,

By the Lady, Blessed Be!

When the rippling waters flow,

Cast a stone and truth you'll know.

When ye have and hold a need,

Harken not to others greed.

With a fool no seasons spend,

Nor be counted as his friend.

Merry meet and merry part,

Bright the cheeks and warm the heart.

Mind the threefold law ye should,

Three time bad and three times good.

When misfortune is anow,

Wear the blue star upon thy brow.

True in love must ye ever be,

Least thy love be false to thee.

In these eight words the witches rede fulfill:

An it harm none, do what ye will.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tarot: The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards numbered from 0 to 21. They go from complete ignorance to complete knowledge. The Fool, numbered 0 or unnumbered, represents complete ignorance and oblivion to the world around it. It is a card of innocence. Whereas The World, numbered 21, represents complete understanding. Each card represents only one step on the journey to full understanding of the Tarot Oracle system.

0 The Fool - The fool is the fearless traveler. He leaps before he looks and speak before he thinks. Positively associated with innocence, new beginnings, joy, fearlessness, and spontaneity. Negatively associated with thoughtlessness, immaturity, impulsiveness, lack of responsibility and lawlessness.

1 The Magician - The Magician is a person of new opportunities and ambition. He has incredible will power, but is often overcome by his emotions. Positively associated with confidence, individuality, will power, new beginnings, and inner potential. Negatively associated with trickery, deception, lack of compassion, indecision, and abuse of power.

2 The High Priestess - The High Priestess is the guardian of hidden secrets. She keeps the divine knowledge secretly tucked away for the right time to reveal. Positively associated with intuitiveness, understanding, wisdom, mystery, psychic ability, and the divine feminine. Negatively associated with lack of motherliness, emotional insecurity, secretiveness, and hidden obstacles or opponents.

3 The Empress - The Empress is a symbol of love, fertility and motherhood. She represents compassion and devotion. Positively associated with fertility, birth, motherhood, harmony, nature, prosperity, joy, love, and artistic ambition. Negatively associated with domestic upheaval, emotional blackmail, over-protectiveness, poverty, infertility, unwanted pregnancy, and suppressed logical expression.

4 The Emperor - The Emperor is a sign of achievement and honor. He represents paternity and strong leadership. Positively associated with achievement, authority, protection, support, trustworthiness, discipline, provider, consolidation, reason, and will power. Negatively associated with weakness, immaturity, failed ambition, status driven, tyrannical, and an overbearing nature.

5 The Hierophant - The Hierophant is a symbol of moral law and convictions. He is also a welcomed advisor and spiritual guide. Positively associated with advice, wise counsel, spiritual consolation, knowledge, identification, faith, conformity, and traditions. Negatively associated with misinformation, lack of faith, deviousness, bad advice, confusion, and disorderly conduct.

6 The Lovers - The Lovers represent a new breath of life. They symbolize love, devotion and spiritual friendship. Positively associated with desire, new lover, relationships, physical attraction, love, sex, and commitment. Negatively associated with lust, moral lapse, temptation, indecision, separation, failed love affair, and emotional loss of control.

7 The Chariot - The Chariot symbolizes conflict and victory. It also represents unknown forces pulling you forward quickly. Positively associated with triumph, movement, change, self-belief, assertiveness, and good news. Negatively associated with rage, tyranny, overinflated ego, selfishness, arrogance, delays, and frustration.

8 Justice - This card directly means justice, fairness, and balance. It also has sway over partnerships and legal matters. Positively associated with justice, truth, integrity, balance, arbitration, responsibility, and fairness. Negatively associated with prejudice, injustice, bad judgment, bias, and bad advice.

9 The Hermit - The Hermit is a solitary person, one who looks for answers within and away from others. he represents a time for solitude and peace. Positively associated with introspection, solitude, guidance, advice, and patience. Negatively associated with obstinacy, suspiciousness, fear, impatience, folly, and arrogance.

10 The Wheel of Fortune - The Wheel of Fortune is a sign of fates spinning round and round bringing in a new era. It represents the randomness of life and what comes at you. Positively associated with destiny, movement, vision, good luck, new cycle, and synchronicity. Negatively associated with obstacles, temporary bad luck, and unpleasant surprises.

11 Strength - The Strength cards shows the inner resolves you have. It represents the emotional, physical and spiritual strength associated with the situation. Positively associated with strength, will power, compassion, patience, courage, triumph, and fortitude. Negatively associated with over compensation, fear, inertia, defeat, loss of opportunity, and entropy.

12 The Hanged Man - The Hanged Man symbolizes self-sacrifice and the unaware mind. He is representative of the blind sacrifice that is needed in the situation. Positively associate with transition, flexibility, rebirth, deliverance, and release. Negatively associated with materialism, inflated ego, lack of will power, easily influenced, and martyrdom.

13 Death - The Death card symbolizes anything but that. It is a card of release and starting over. It represents the absolute, both the end and the beginning. Positively associate with endings, transformation, clearance, and sweeping change. Negatively associated with stagnation, loss of opportunity, loss of friendship, and fear of change.

14 Temperance - The Temperance card is a card of self-control and abstinence. It represents the ability to handle overwhelming circumstances and emotions. Positively associated with harmony, health, moderation, compromise, peace, and self-control. Negatively associated with impatience, lack of foresight, conflict, quarrels, and domestic strife.

15 The Devil - The Devil is the embodiment of primal instincts. Heated emotions runs strong with him, passions devour the mind and self-control is lost. Positively associated with permanence and commitment. Negatively associated with entrapment, lust, greed, ignorance, anger, tyranny, and obsession.

16 The Tower - The Tower shows the crumbling of stability and the breaking down of all things. It represent change, upheaval and unwanted change. Positively associated with re-evaluation, necessary change, and a blessing in disguise. Negatively associated with sudden change, downfall, disruption, and disaster.

17 The Star - The Star is a beacon shining through the darkness, a guiding light. It represents renewal of faith, hope and youth. Positively associated with hope, generosity, serenity, wishes coming true, good health, and spiritual awareness. Negatively associated with self-doubt, lack of trust, cynicism, and pessimism.

18 The Moon - The Moon is a card of hidden and buried emotions. It casts and eerie light over everything. It represents hard travels and a rough inner journey. Positively associated with imagination, unexpected possibilities, and illumination. Negatively associated with fear, confusion, highly charged emotions, bewilderment, lies, and deceit.

19 The Sun - The Sun shines down on everything, giving warmth, life and joy. The Sun is the light at the end of the tunnel, the source of all that is wished for. Positively associated with happiness, greatness, enlightenment, vitality, good health, love, and fulfillment. Negatively associated with misjudgment, delays, potential failure, and inflated ego.

20 Judgment - Judgment heralds a time of reward. It is the card of wisdom and acceptance. It represents new phases in life and new relationships with the self. Positively associated with rebirth, rejoicing, absolution, new potential, and rewards for past efforts. Negatively associated with guilt, loss, self-reproach, delays, fear, and obstinacy.

21 The World - The World is the end. The arrival of all the desires you hoped for. It is the beginning and the end, the dream, the hope and wish itself. Positively associated with fulfillment, completion, satisfaction, joy, wholeness, and success. Negatively associate with stagnation, lack of will, impatience, and delays.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Common Myths About Astrology

Most people only know about astrology from the horoscope columns they read in newspapers and magazines. But, those forecasts are for entertainment purposes only and should never be taken seriously. If they seem even remotely accurate, rest assured it is only by coincidence, because those columns have almost no bearing on the legitimate practice of astrology. Here are a few other myths about astrology that should also be dispelled... read more

Monday, January 17, 2011

Houses of the Zodiac

Zodiacal - Astrological Houses


We assume that the Earth is a fixed point, and that all other cosmic bodies revolve around it once a day. The main circle of the chart is divided into 12 equal segments. One segment or House equals two hours out of the total 24 hours.

Houses relate to everyday activities; the first to personality, the second to possessions, and so on. A planet or planets placed in a particular House affects the area of life represented by that House in a manner typical of the planet. The House must be considered according to the sign in which the cusp, or starting point, of the particular House falls.

The area of life represented by the 12 Houses are as follows:

1 Personality, health, disposition. It represents how one appears to the

The 12 signs are separated in 4 elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. By examining the different planets in these signs together with the planets in the qualities of signs, astrologers can draw a profile analysis of a subject.

FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - People of fire signs are explosive, volatile, and energetic. They are leaders, inventors and adventurers. Their weaknesses are the tendency of doing their work to their extremes and burn themselves out. The Fire attributes are best to be counterbalance by Earth signs.

EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - People of Earth signs are practical, cautious and reliable. If they are lacking (few Earth signs) they lack outsiders.

2 Possessions, wealth, worldly resources. The sign on cusp may indicate sources of income.

3 Family ties, education, short journey. The mind is associated with this House.
4 Home, domestic life parenthood.

5 Creativity, children, speculation, love affairs. This also relates to looseness of behavior or indulgence.

6 Work, subordinate. It is the attitude towards services to the outside world.

7 Partnership (love and Business) The sign on cusp gives good indication of marriage partner.

8 Inheritance, life and death, sex, crime. It is an attitude towards life. It represents big business.

9 Philosophical views, higher forms of education. This House has a bearing on moral ideals and conscience, imagination and creativity.

AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - Air signs are responsible for the intellectual activity, thought and philosophy. People who possess many planets in the Air signs are good planners. Without Air signs, subjects may have difficulty in communication, and be weak in artistic inclination. The excess of planets in Air signs are best to be counterbalanced by planets in the Water signs.

WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces - These are emotional signs. The planets in Water sign moderate the practicality of Earth, the ideas of Air, the careless energy of Fire.

In astrological interpretation, the element analysis is most traditional. For example, many planets in the Fire sign of a chart are indicative of the subject being very lively and enthusiastic. Though this interpretation is simplistic and direct, astrologers must also consider the effect of the Qualities and Aspects of the subject's birth chart to draw a complete personality profile.


10 Career, ambition, all matters outside the home. A social responsibility that affects one's appearance.

11 Friends, acquaintances, intellectual pleasures. It is the objectives in life.

12 A need for seclusion, hospital visiting, self sacrifice. The presence of many planets here indicates subject's susceptibility to drugs.

The 12 signs are separated into 3 qualities; they are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. By studying the combination of different planets in the 3 different qualities of signs plus the Elements of Signs, astrologers can also draw a complete personality profile of a subject.

CARDINAL: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It is enterprising and outgoing.

FIXED: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. It is resistant to change.

MUTABLE: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. It is adaptable and changeable.

Each sign of the same quality expresses its quality differently. For example, Aries and Cancer are both Cardinal, but Aries is of Fire and Cancer of Water. Therefore, both Aries and Cancer show signs of enterprising, but Aries will show an initial enthusiasm towards enterprising in the beginning whereas the Cancer will steadily show the quality through emotions. The interpretation of elements and qualities must also be combined with the overall context of Aspect interpretation.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization Audio Meditation

I love this meditation! And I've had great success with it.

After years of practicing meditation and working with visualization exercises, this is my favorite meditation for programming what I want.

I just developed this technique about a year ago, and it's the ONLY manifesting technique I use. (And believe me, I know a bunch of 'em!)

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First you'll be guided to your subconscious mind. Next, you'll go to the Room Of Initiation. Then you'll follow a 7 step process to literally create what you want out of thin air. The possibilities are endless and you can use this meditation on just about anything you could imagine.

A powerful meditation you'll want to do over and over again - in each area of your life.

In fact, my favorite reason for using this exercise is for greater wisdom and deeper understanding. Because that's worth more to me than anything else. But of course, you can always use it for the shiny new red sports car, if that's what you want.

Whatever you use it for, the important point to keep in mind is that you are creating a new resonance. And it's the resonance that brings you what you want. This is the secret to its effectiveness.

Here's what I offer:

You get the complete visualization meditation that guides you to your subconscious mind, where you'll then move to your Room of Initiation. From this room of power, you'll then be guided to create a brand new resonance - out of thin air - which sets powerful forces in motion that will bring you exactly what you want within 72 hours.

You can use this meditation in all areas of your life.

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You can either download the mp3 file to your desktop (and onto a blank CD or mp3 player) or you may simply listen to it on the download page.

Playing time: 26:23
File size: 12.0MB
Download time: About one minute on high-speed Internet connection
Cost: $17


Don't let the low price fool you. I could easily charge a hundred bucks for this meditation, and it would be worth every penny. You can't put a price on this powerful manifesting tool.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Astrological Reflections

Astrology is the study of planetary positions to determine the course of things ahead in life as well as events and details concerning past life experiences as well as karmic events. The earliest recording or sign of astrology was found in the 3rd millennium BCE. Astrology has over the course of time influenced culture, the occult and metaphysical sciences, early astronomy, scientific thought, history, anthropology, navigation, and other disciplines.

Astrology uses two methodologies of predicting or foretelling the future – one is astrological transits and the other is astrological progressions. It is important to understand how both interact in the way a horoscope is read and how predications made. Astrological transits look into the movement of planets and the impact of such movements in the universe and within one’s personal horoscope. Astrological progressions use a set of methods to determine how a horoscope has moved forward in time. Now-a-days, astrologers no longer predict actual events according to some pundits. Instead, what they do is bring out various general astrological events in order to extrapolate better results and give importance and more credence to arbitrary and unrelated events.

There are three main astrological traditions. These are Vedic astrology, Western astrology and Chinese astrology. Vedic and western astrology make use of an astrological chart or horoscope and make their prediction using the position of the Sun, Moon, and planets. However, the point of difference between Vedic and Western astrology is in the linking of zodiac signs to their original constellations, which while is a feature not present in western astrology, but is considered of paramount importance in Vedic astrology. The chief characteristic of Vedic astrology is in its use of nakshatras or the 27 lunar mansion and planetary periods known as dashas in future predictions (i.e., portions of the Zodiac that are 13 degrees and 20 minutes in length). And do not discount the major influence of the Mayans on astrology.

Chinese astrology uses a means that is very different from Vedic and western astrology. Instead of diving zodiac signs according to the sky, they are divided according to the celestial equator. Every zodiac sign here stands for a year and the sign is combined with a system that uses the five elements of Chinese cosmology to give a 60 (12 x 5) year cycle. Chinese astrology is a method not just used or practiced in China; it is used in many Asian countries as well as in the United States of America.

Now, the question remains: Can the future be predicted by astrology? Yes, from some to a great extent as with any form of divination or consultation with the Divine Oracles. Astrology, though considered by many scientific thinkers as some sort of superstition, is actually a science because there is considerable study that goes into making each prediction as well as the development of astrological charts. Reliable astrologers have been able to bring out future influences to accuracy, but accuracy also depends upon providing correct information, doing knowledgeable calculations, and performing salient research.

Of the many forms of astrological methods in practice, Nadi Jyosiam (i.e., predictions or forecasts involving the use of palm leaves) astrology is considered to be highly accurate as it is based on readings of past life events taken from palm leaves available in Videesvaran (Vaideeswaran) Temple in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Hindu astrology dates back to approximately 7,000 years ago. Further, "Naadi forecast is that branch of Hindu astrology through which predictions are made of individuals from palm-leaf manuscripts. Hand written on palm-leaves, these contain records of the past, present and future of numerous individuals, born anywhere in the world. Naadi is a collective name given to these manuscripts. It is believed that the contents of these palm leaves are dictated by ancient sages such as Agastya, Bhrugu, Shukra, Vasistha and others. There are several volumes of such palm-leaf manuscripts available in various parts of India and these volumes are categorized with respect to the sages i.e. Agastya Naadi, Bhrugu Naadi." [Excerpted from Naadi Josiyam – Predictions from mysterious palm-leaf manuscrips]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

History of Wicca

HISTORY OF WICCA IN ENGLAND: 1939 - present day

"This talk was given by Julia Phillips at the Wiccan Conference in Canberra, 1991. It is mainly about the early days of the Wicca in England; specifically what we now call Gardnerian and
Alexandrian traditions. The text remains 'as given', so please remember when you read it that it was never intended to be 'read', but 'heard' and debated.

Text begins:

There are three main strands I intend to examine: one, Gardner's claim of traditional initiation, and its subsequent development; two, magical traditions to which Gardner would have had access; and three, literary sources..."

Full Essay -

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sol Day Offering: "The Book of Black Magic(k)"

Dear readership of the InnerLink Metaphysical Journal,

"Since some people's 'children' (as so-called adults of majority age and whom should know better) do not like to play or enjoy playing nicely in your sandbox, there will come a time when you just need to pay them back! Sometimes, Karma just takes way too long...because meting out revenge and justifiable punishment is thee only ultimate solution."

[WARNING & DISCLAIMER: Please do not try this at home! And PLEASE seek the advice, counsel, and/or aide of a PROFESSIONAL Spiritualist of your choosing first, especially one you TRUST!]

Em Hetep (Hotep),

Go in Faith & Blesséd Be!

Rev. K.A. Sahure
Temple of Kemetic Wicca

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Manual of Astology

A manual of astrology, or The book of the stars, which contains every requisite illustration of the celestial science; or the art of foretelling future events, by the influences of the heavenly bodies ... Illustrated and exemplified by ... diagrams and three elegant engravings – by Raphael

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eco-friendly Nicotine Replacement System

Ways to Quit Smoking, Methods and Techniques Revealed!
How to Quit Smoking - Do Quit Smoking Products Work? Quitting smoking is not an easy task, there are a lot of smokers out there that are serious about breaking the nicotine habit. But let's be totally up front, we are talking about a very addictive habit. Like any addiction it is never going to be easy to break, that's why so many smokers search for answers to the How to Quit Smoking question.


Easy Lung Repair After Smoking to Eliminate a Cough and Get Your Health Back
Smoking has a wide variety of negative health effects and can affect nearly every organ in the body. But the organs that are most adversely influenced are your lungs. Of course, as everybody knows, your lungs help you breathe.

How to Quit Smoking - Do Quit Smoking Products Work?

Quitting smoking is not an easy task, there are a lot of smokers out there that are serious about breaking the nicotine habit. But let's be totally up front, we are talking about a very addictive habit. Like any addiction it is never going to be easy to break, that's why so many smokers search for answers to the How to Quit Smoking question. Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes are a groundbreaking new technology and these devices are gaining serious attention and popularity across the United States. read more...