Sunday, September 23, 2007

Merry Mabon - Autumnal Equinox

"Fall equinox celebrations: The first day of autumn falls on SEP-20 to 23"

"The Fall Equinox is also known as: Alban Elfed, Autumn Equinox, Autumnal Equinox, Cornucopia, Feast of Avilon, Festival of Dionysus, Harvest Home, Harvest Tide, Mabon, Night of the Hunter, Second Harvest Festival, Wine Harvest, Witch's Thanksgiving, and the first day of autumn..."

Excerpted from Religious Complete Essay -

~ And have a merry upcoming Harvest Full Moon on 26 September 2007.

Blessed Be em Hetep!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sacred Ason

"Sacred ason! Ason!
Open the way of the mysteries for me,
for us, for all African children

For the right hand, for the left hand,
that they may serve well all humanity.

So that East and West may meet."

▪ Theodore "Lòlò" Beaubrun

Friday, September 14, 2007

Musing: Sense of Humility

Once you have spiritually and peacefully arrived and have come to realize your place within Creation as a human being--only then will you begin to develop a sense of humility which will become greater over time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Manifestation of Consciousness

“Table of the Four Forms of the Manifestation of Consciousness” from P.D. Ouspenky's Tertium Organum [1922]:

"I have called this system of higher logic Tertium Organum because for us it is the third canon--third instrument--of thought after those of Aristotle and Bacon. The first was Organon, the second, Novum Organum. But the third existed earlier than the first."


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ToKW: Important September Dates

The following September festival dates are important religiously and spiritually for the Temple of Kemetic Wicca:

September 2nd: Festival Feast of Osiris / Ausar

September 4th: Anubis / Anpu – Ceremony of Transformation

September 5th: Ceremony of the Raising of the Pillar of Djed

September 17th: Festival Feast of Hathor / Het-hert

September 21st – 23rd: Mabon / Autumnal Equinox / Second Harvest Sabbat

September 26th: ToKW's Full Moon Esbat Observance & Ritual

As more "accurate" information becomes available based on Archaeological, Egyptological, Theological, and Historical research--the above dates may or will be modified. And for those who follow the religion of Kemeticism, you may wish to incorporate some or all of these festival dates into your spiritual practice via consulting some portions of the Ancient Egyptian theological texts and spells from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. Also, you may wish to perform an “Opening of the Mouth” ceremony as well as employing the Pythagorean Pentagram and the Hexagram, along with providing offerings to the Divinities (Netjeru) noted above. Lastly, remember that Mabon (observed this year on the 23rd) is up and coming too.


~Rev. Frater K.A.S. VI°
Temple of Kemetic Wicca

Friday, September 7, 2007

Types of Spellwork

Below is a listing of the types or kinds of Spellwork services the Temple of Kemetic Wicca offers for those in need of our help or are in dire straights about a serious problem, situation or circumstance:

Angelic Spells (Angelology, Evocation)
Animal Familiars Spells (Animal Magick, Animal Spirit Guides)
Banishment Spells
Confusion Spells
Controlling Spells
Court Case Spells (Justice, Legal)
Daemonology Spells
Divorce Spells
Faerie Spells
Fertility Spells (Pregnancy)
Gay – Lesbian Love Spells
Genie (Djinn, Jinn)
Herbal Spells
Hex Removal Spells
Hoodoo Spells (Rootwork)
Hot Foot Spells (Special, Specific Situations)
Job Spells (Career, Employment)
Lottery & Gambling Spells (Wealth, Prosperity)
Love Spells (General)
Magickal Love Spells (Special, Specific Situations)
Marriage Spells
Meditation Spells
Money Spells (I Ching Coins)
Native American (Tsalagi, Aniyunwiya, or Cherokee; and some Navajo and Apache)
Poppets (Dolls, Effigies)
Protection Spells
Revenge Spells
Sacrificial Spells (Magickal Offerings)
Spell Casting (General)
Success Spells (Business)
Tenebrae Spells (Black Magick)
Voodoo (Vodou, Vodun, Vudun – Haitian, Benin, New Orleans Creole)
Witchcraft (General)

Our legally ordained Priestesses, Priests, and Ministers are well-versed and experienced in achieving solutions to your daily problems and will help your through your ordeal(s) from the beginning to the end. We never make claims or guarantees because what we do is absolutely spiritual work and spiritual counseling; therefore and with this in mind, the results you seek are based on Mother Nature, Ancestral Spirits, Earthy Energies, and thee Cosmic Forces-Energies of our Universe we all share in.

To spiritually connect with us, please visit any of our websites or Google us. We no longer give out our direct telephone number or e-mail addresses due to those who engage in the silly and foolish practices of Spamming, Phishing, etc. We frown upon the negative and do not abide these seriously negative behaviors or activities. Please remember, we are indeed well-heeled Witches, live our lives as such, and who do practice Witchcraft, Folk Magick through Ceremonial Magick fulltime, all day long, 24-7-365 with a major Gematria of 9 and divisible by 3.

Only those with major, serious needs should spiritually connect with or get in contact with us.

Enough said...

Em Hetep & Blessed Be!

Frater Kheti,
Spiritual Overseer

▪ Temple of Kemetic Wicca
▪ Esotericum Mysticum
▪ Applicatus Occultus Metaphysicus

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Greetings to our readership,

Just when I thought that I had heard it all, an interesting phrase was mentioned on one of my eGroups and aptly entitled:



I do not apologize for my laughter because these types of folks do exist unfortunately and can be found in all religions, cultures, societies, and globally.

Again, this all goes back to how "some people's 'children' " go about their adulthood engaging in exploitation for the sole and individual purposes of GREED, MATERIALISM, AND PERSONAL FINANCIAL GAIN!

Please allow me to share the following (as I have been doing so all along) that the majority of the Wicca, Pagan, Shaman, and Alternative Religio-Spiritual communities DO NOT engage in thee above noted practices.

Most of the folks who have "found" me to assist them with their situations or circumstances--I have turned away due to my own ethically, salient reasons.

The above is indeed factual and not fiction!

Blessed Be,

Em Hotep!

Saturday, September 1, 2007


“SET, OR SETH, whom the Greeks called Typhon, the nefarious demon of death and evil in Egyptian mythology, is characterised as ‘a strong god (a-pahuti), whose anger is to be feared.’ The inscriptions call him ‘the powerful one of Thebes,’ and ‘Ruler of the South.’ He is conceived as the sun that kills with the arrows of heat; he is the slayer, and iron is called the bones of Typhon. The hunted animals are consecrated to him; and his symbols are the griffin (akhekh), the hippopotamus, the crocodile, the swine, the tortoise, and, above all the serpent âpapi (in Greek ‘apophis’) who was thought to await the dying man in the domain of the god Atmu (also called Tmu or Tum), who represents the sun below the western horizon.

Set's pictures are easily recognised by his long, erect, and square-tipped ears and his proboscis-like snout, which are said to indicate the head of a fabulous animal called Oryx. The consort and feminine counterpart of Set is called Taour or Taourt. The Greeks called her Theouris. She appears commonly as a hippopotamus in erect posture, her back covered with the skin and tail of a crocodile...”

“Ancient Egypt” - History of the Devil [1900] by Paul Carus.