Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Pan, Muse of Nature"


Great Pan, we hear you
Piping in the meadows...
You are father to the animals,
Consort to lithe Diana
And a Muse of Mother Nature.

Oh dance before the Moon
Skyclad in your rites,
For Pan and Diana join us
This glorious Beltane night!

Son of mischevous Hermes,
With beautiful, sensuous voice
Kind eyes, and merry laughter;
Bring fairies and nature spirits
To dance with us tonight.

Oh, dance before the Moon
Skyclad in your rites,
For Pan and Diana join us
This glorious Beltane night!

© Copyright 4/29/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Raven)

*NOTE: If you wish to say this in a ritual, just
change it from Beltane to 'Full Moon' night, or
whatever works best.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chakras, Alchemy & Paracelsus

Alchemy & Paracelsus Medicine
By Ulrich Arndt
Translated by Michael Schaefer, Germany 2003

"‘Seals of the planets’ - Chakra teachings of the ancient alchemists rediscovered
Knowledge regarding the chakras, the principal human energy centres, is found mainly in Indian teachings. Substantial knowledge about them also existed in the West, however. The ancient alchemists called the chakras ‘seals of the planets’ and described several phases of energetic transformation they can undergo. Apart from healing, the result of that process of ‘Durchlichtung’ (‘lightening’) is nothing else but, in today’s language, a fundamental cultivation of one’s personality and consciousness..."

Full Essay:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spells & Rituals: A Short List

Listed below are some of the many typical names and kinds of spells and/or rituals that can be found in numerous books and on the Internet. There are surely many variations, in name and content, too. Ideally, it is always best to write, create, and perform your own spells and rituals.

I. Agreement Spell
II. Anti-Nightmare Spell
III. Anti-Slander Spell
IV. Banish a Stalker Spell
V. Banishing Spell
VI. Binding For the Annoying Spell
VII. Black Magick Spell
VIII. Bless a Magickal Pen Spell
IX. Blue Pentacle Visualization Spell
X. Bottle Spell
XI. Breakup a Marriage Spell
XII. Bringing Spirits Spell
XIII. Conjuring Raw Energy Spell
XIV. Do They Like You Spell
XV. Enlightenment Spell/Ritual Spell
XVI. Fire Protection Spell
XVII. Get Someone to Call You Spell
XVIII. Get What You Want Spell
XIX. Getting Over Spell
XX. Healing Physical Pain Spell
XXI. Healing Sickness Spell
XXII. Good Health Spell
XXIII. House Protection Spell
XXIV. Incantation Spell
XXV. Intentions Spell
XXVI. Invisibility Spell
XXVII. Knot Spell
XXVIII. Lemon Curse Spell
XXIX. Levitation Spell
XXX. Liberation Spell
XXXI. Lost and Found Spell
XXXII. Love and Chaos Spell
XXXIII. Luck Spell
XXXIV. Make Someone Forget a Secret Spell
XXXV. Money Spell
XXXVI. Moon Protection Spell
XXXVII. Prosperity Spell
XXXVIII. Protection Spell
XXXIX. Psychic Vampire(s) Spell
XL. Rain Spell
XLI. Reversal Spell
XLII. Sex and Lust (Desires of the Flesh) Spell
XLIII. Speed Up Time Spell
XLIV. Stop Bleeding Spell
XLV. Stop Loving Someone Spell
XLVI. Stop the Rain Spell
XLVII. Stopping Gossip Spell
XLVIII. Strega Herb Jar Spell
XLIX. Summoning a Cemetery (Graveyard) Spirit or Ghost Spell
L. To Break the Powers of a Spell
LI. To Bring Love Back Spell
LII. To Obtain Love Spell
LIII. To Protect an Object Spell
LIV. Vanity and Beauty Spell
LV. Ward off Psychic Vampires/Attacks
LVI. Ward off the Evil Eye Spell
LVII. Wart Spell
LVIII. Weed Curse Spell
LIX. Wishing Spell
LX. Witch’s Bottle Spell
LXI. Witch’s Handshake (Witches Hand Shake) Spell
LXII. Wolf Protection Spell
LXIII. Youth Preserved Spell
LXIV. Zodiac Spell

Friday, April 18, 2008

Exploring "Some" Definitions

According to Merriam-Webster (11th Collegiate Edition Dictionary),

Etymology:Middle English theologie, from Anglo-French, from Latin theologia, from Greek, from the- + -logia -logy
Date:14th century

1 : the study of religious faith, practice, and experience; especially : the study of God and of God's relation to the world
2 a : a theological theory or system *Thomist theology* *a theology of atonement* b : a distinctive body of theological opinion *Catholic theology*
3 : a usually 4-year course of specialized religious training in a Roman Catholic major seminary

Etymology:Medieval Latin theosophia, from Late Greek, from Greek the- + sophia wisdom — more at -SOPHY

1 : teaching about God and the world based on mystical insight
2 often capitalized : the teachings of a modern movement originating in the United States in 1875 and following chiefly Buddhist and Brahmanic theories especially of pantheistic evolution and reincarnation

Etymology:French panth*isme, from panth*iste pantheist, from English pantheist, from pan- + Greek theos god

1 : a doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of the universe
2 : the worship of all gods of different creeds, cults, or peoples indifferently; also : toleration of worship of all gods (as at certain periods of the Roman empire)

Etymology:French polytheisme, from Late Greek polytheos polytheistic, from Greek, of many gods, from poly- + theos god

: belief in or worship of more than one god


The Temple's Endnote:
Just something for all to ponder...and dig much deeper into the etymology of all words well beyond one's dictionary, especially concerning the historical dates of so-called origin of any word.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Antiquus Research (Update)

Antiquus Research
Organizational Structure

The following sites are under the umbrella of Antiquus Research and provide a wide variety of informational resources:

Antiquus Research (eGroup)
Antiquus Research (Website)
Applied Occult Metaphysics (eGroup)
Applied Occult Metaphysics (Website)
InnerLink Metaphysical Journal (Blog)
Magicae Artes – Spells and Rituals Database v1.0 Alpha (Software)
Magicae Artes – Spells and Rituals Database v2.0 Beta (Software)
MISE Spiritual Counseling (Professional Services)
Spellwork Ritualwork (eGroup)
Temple of Kemetic Wicca (eGroup)
Temple of Kemetic Wicca (Professional Services)
Temple of Kemetic Wicca (Website)
Templum Lyceum (Web Portal)

© 2008 Antiquus Research

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Maya Civilization

NOVA (PBS) Documentary:
Cracking the MAYA Code
"The story behind the centuries-long decipherment of ancient Maya hieroglyphs"

Musings of Frater K.A.S. 04.08.08

"Be as vigilant and diligent as you can be during your spiritual and magickal workings. And remember to always go back to the basics so that you will effectively embody those precepts and concepts of your occultus metaphysicus (“occult metaphysical”) training, teachings, learnings, endeavors (practices), and what you have personally researched and have contributed to thee process of your spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Assess the moment or moments, intuitively and based upon the above, and then positively, however cautiously you deem, venture forward with all three of your eyes…."

Beatus Sum,
Em Hetep!

Monday, April 7, 2008

U.S.A. Presidential-Level Women in Politics

"American Women Presidents, a national political action committee, is dedicated to electing women to the U.S. presidency and positions in the pipeline to the presidency, including U.S. Senator and governor..."

Full Information -

Friday, April 4, 2008

40 Years Later...

Ankh, Udja, Seneb, and Blessed Be to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and his surviving family members.

Dr. P.M. Lorca
Temple of Kemetic Wicca

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"The Egyptian Universe"

The Egyptian Universe

IN THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM of the City of New York, rests the grey diorite sarcophagus of Uresh-Nofer, one time priest of the "watery" goddess Mut, in Egypt. On the upper half of the sarcophagus lid is engraved the figure of the Sky goddess Nut "bending over the Earth," a marvellous picture of the Egyptian Universe.

"The Sky Goddess Nut bending over the Earth," and the succeeding Plate, "The Goddess Nut represented Double," bring up so clearly the first of the major traditional catastrophes of the Earth, that it would be timely just now to consider them briefly. There have been five, one so dimly related that it shall be left till the last. But there are four great timeless traditions of great disasters. The first is the violent separation of Earth from Heaven. The second is the appalling Earth-Moon catastrophe. The third is the Deluge, and the fourth is the sinking of Atlantis. Or, it may be, the third in point of "time" is the sinking of Atlantis, and the fourth is the Deluge. Or, again, it may be that these two catastrophes, though individual,

p. 64

were coincident with each other. Tradition however is, happily, not logic, and so, even in a disorderly order, we may take up the outstanding afflictions of the planet we call Earth.

First, then, the violent separation of Earth from Heaven, which these Egyptian world-pictures illustrate so beautifully.

Nut was goddess of the starry sky. Sometimes she is represented as powdered with stars; sometimes, as here, with but a line of them along her spine; once at least, on the sarcophagus lid of Uresh-Nofer, with the three discs or spheres of universal significance--body, spirit, soul--connected by eight stars and by six. Sometimes the band of stars was accompanied by a band of water flowing over her spine--the celestial Nile, as the Egyptians called the mysterious heavenly waters that covered the world. Sometimes the path of the celestial Nile is called the path of the Milky Way; and often the path of the Milky Way is called the path of souls." Through her husband, Seb, she gave birth to the Sun, which was ever after re-born each morning: daily it made its journey from east to west beneath her body until, sinking below the western horizon, it passed into the mouth of Nut, traversed her body during the night, to be born again at dawn. Nut also gave birth to the Moon, which came forth from her breasts as milk. And to countless other heavenly bodies as well whose genealogy would take us too far.

This is the story of Nut or Heaven and of Seb or Earth.

In the beginning--that stirless rest in which all myths of the original Creation begin--Heaven and Earth were

From the Sarcophagus of Uresh-Nofer, Priest of the Goddess Mut (XXXth dynasty, 378-341 B.C.)
(In the Metropolitan Museum of the City of New York)

p. 65

together, wedded gods, from whom was to spring all that has been, is, and shall ever be. Time was not yet, sings one of the old world-hymns, nor Universal Mind, nor Thought, nor Word. Bliss was not. Misery was not. Darkness alone filled the boundless All, for Father-Mother-Son were once more one, and the Son had not yet awakened for the new Wheel and his new Pilgrimage. The Universe was still concealed in the Divine Thought and the Divine Bosom.

But the day of Creation came, and a new god, Shu, god of Air or of Sunlight, sprang out of the primordial waters. He slipped between the two, and tearing Nut with force from the body of Seb her husband, raised her to the sky. Her star-spangled body marked the extent of the firmament; and her hands and feet hanging down were the four pillars of the firmament and the four quarters of the Earth. There ever since she has remained, bending over the Earth, eternally watching the Earth and the children of Earth.

Of Seb the Earth it is related that he did not endure the violent separation from Nut without a struggle. He sought to rise, that he might fight and overcome the newly created god. But as he struggled, just roused from deep dreamless sleep, he was arrested and held in the curious position he has ever since maintained (Plate X, B), without power to change it. He has been veiled each spring with plants and herbs and grasses; and winter has wrapped him in ice an now; while along his back has passed the endless panorama of the generations of animals and men. Through him is given to them all they have; he gives and

p. 66

they ungratefully take, never asking if he has a need they might supply, a sorrow they might soothe. Often he sleeps, and, sleeping, dreams of Nut, forgetting for a time his grief and pain; forgetting for a time that between him and his mate, forever separating them, stands Shu, god of Air or of Sunlight. But he may never again sink into dreamless sleep; sooner or later the circle of his dreams rounds on itself, and he is roused by pain to his state of suffering again. This is why Earth eternally questions Heaven until, wearied with waiting for answers that never come, he sinks again into slumber. Some say that Heaven answers Earth when he dreams, but because the path of his dreaming is a circle, he has forgotten most of Heaven's answers when he awakes.

And some have quite another story of Seb the Earth; namely, that Seb is concealed under the form of a colossal gander, whose mate laid the Sun Egg, and perhaps still lays it every day. Or again there is another story of Shu, which is that as the divine Son, he had later in his turn begotten Seb and Nut, the two deities he had separated.

Such then is the first catastrophe--every religion has recognised it; that the Earth is cut off, disinherited, a troubled, troublesome, perturbed, perturbating, turbulent, storm-swept, dream-sodden, staggering, breathless, complaining planet; and that all of its children have inherited its qualities.

The Book of Earths [1928] by Edna Kenton