Monday, June 16, 2008

Hermeticism: "As Above, So Below"

As above, so below,
As without, so within,
As in the universe, so in the soul.

Excerpted from:
The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus (a.k.a. Smaragdine Table, Tabula Smaragdina, or The Secret of Hermes)

Also reference the Universal - Cosmic Laws:
 Law of Attraction
 Law of Cause & Effect (Karma, Intention-Manifestation)
 Law of Death & Rebirth (Resurrection)
 Law of Nature (chi, circadian rhythms, biorhythms, radionic vibrations, orgone energy, bioenergy, chakra frequencies, Ley Lines, etc.)
 Law of Opposites (Yin-Yang, Tai-Chi, I-Ching)
 Law of Planetary Retrograde Motion
 Law of the Moon & Lunar Phases

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"The Active Brain..."

The Active Brain (T.A.B.): Cognitive Activities For Your Mind
By Dr. Kheti A. Sahure, D.D., Msc.D.

ABSTRACT: With all of the stressors weighing upon so many people within everyday life along with the daily and mindless mundane factors pinging at all of us in today’s world, there is no wonder why so many human beings are at their wits end. You have your work environment, your children, your family, your in-laws, your friends, you co-workers, your bosses at work (and at home and during your so-called off-time from work or just plain old personal time at home or wherever), and colleagues pinging at you constantly at you for your attention all of the time—and in no certain order, this just happens. What a balancing act! What a daily, nonstop balancing act for the single parent both male and female let alone two or more parent household. For the average adult female or male, this IS NOT your fault entirely. Yes, this essay is about American society of today and what you can do in order to help soothe your Active Brain or what the Antiquus Research Group has termed—“The Active Brain” or "T.A.B."

In order to help and keep your mental faculties and neuro synapses (i.e., brain cell connectivity and networking) healthy and attuned within your physical body or framework, you will want to include mental activities and exercises which will complement your current daily physical, mental, and or spiritual exercises. If you have not started any of these—no problem. It is never too late to begin this process slowly and at your own pace within you level of comfort or comfort zone. The purpose here IS NOT to beat up anyone ever about her or his stage of their own personal Life Cycle. This essay is all about helping you to on your own level to bring about the best in you based upon YOUR OWN abilities. This essay is not about rewarding mediocrity let alone judging folks from their prenatal through their elderhood rites or stages of passages because everyone’s experiences are valid! Lastly, there is nothing to sell you…or for you to pay for.

Let us begin here.

Since many people throughout history do not or have not had the opportunity to use their God or Goddess given brain matter "ever" or at least for themselves, everyone should consider keeping their brain active. The mental stimuli you receive from your external and internal environments are an eclectic mixture of positive, negative, and pure chaotic madness for many people daily. You get a chance to go to bed and then, hopefully, get some rest from the machinations of the mundane world. Most of us do not get an adequate number of hours of rest and this does include our children. There is no real scientific evidence that any human can "catch up" on the loss of significant "REM Sleep" (i.e., Deep Sleep1) during the weekends or during our time off from the work schedule. Yes, there are studies which have been conducted on humans but nothing has prevailed from theses studies as being conclusive. Sleep research does cost a great deal of money to conduct as any modality of research.

Please take a very close look at who was selected to participate in any research study. And you will agree that it is very challenging to obtain a very serious cross-section of people for any type of research study. But for some reason in the United States of America, the judicial system does not seem to have this problem of finding "a jury of one’s own peers"…. Taking nothing away from the Doctors of Jurisprudence (i.e., J.D. degree), these folks are just doing their job or it’s just "legal" business as usual within the chaotic judicial system of America.

Not to go off on a geometric tangent either. The above contribute to our topic about the "The Active Brain".

Here are at least twelve ways you may be able to help your brain continue and increase its Active Memory Capacity let alone help your brain continue to be very active toward your later years of your Life Cycle. Since this is very personal for everyone, you will be the one who decides or defines what you are interested in learning and what you will want to do in order to keep your brain cells actively growing as your move onward during your life:

1. Continuous learning.
2. Everyday learning including musical and fine art endeavors.
3. Learn a new language (e.g., a foreign language and or a computer language).
4. Work with challenging to very difficult puzzles.
5. Exercise you mind with mathematics (e.g., from simple math through calculus).
6. Teach yourself how-to do something new that you have always wanted to learn.
7. Go to or back to school.
8. Engage in or play challenging sports and games.
9. Participate in activities with your family and friends outdoor.
10. Travel locally often (i.e., even if it is to a park near your home).
11. Daily meditation.
12. Bring your own form of "spirituality" into whatever you do daily.

The above are not in any particular order so that you can begin at any point or create your own path to actively engage your brain.

Your brain does require a positive blood supply (flow) which includes a very adequate amount of oxygen in order for it to function properly. The Active Brain must continue to create active connections between neighboring brain cells. Brain cells are a network of neurons and neural activities. The more you increase brain activity, the more you develop new brain cells and increase the usage of neighboring brains cells that are less used. Think about Shamanism, Divination, Astral Projection, Cosmology, Astrology, etc. You can increase your brain power and memory by attuning and then exercising your four types of brainwaves: Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta in conjunction with your Chakras (all 88,000 of them—most folks work with the seven main or chakras or "energy centers" of the human body). Please do not forget about or ignore the energy centers of your animals and or pets because you can work with them in order to heal yourself as well as them (e.g., Reiki).

Stimulate your mind (brain) with open-mindedness and positive influences (such as, images) and challenging materials daily. Investing in your own mental enhancement will, hopefully, bring about increased cognitive vitality and many excellent cumulative effects throughout you life experiential within our planet Earth.



1. Reference the following concerning REM Sleep, Deep Sleep, and Sleep Cycles:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interviewing While Black: Discrimination In Hiring

“Discrimination: The Root of the Black Job Crisis”

"Capitol Hill Holds Hearing on Black Male Unemployment"

"Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn”

"Study Shows How Deeply Black Men Face Discrimination in Hiring"

"Racism at a California Job Interview"

"job interview racism?"

“Black Men Shut Out of the Job Market”

“A Crisis of Black Male Employment: Unemployment and Joblessness in New York City, 2003”

"'Black' Names A Resume Burden? Study: 'Black-Sounding' Names Prompt Fewer Job Callbacks"

"Top 20 'Whitest' and 'Blackest' Names"

“Affirmative Action, Immigration & Welfare: Confronting Racism in 1998”

“First black flight attendant is still fighting racism - Ruth Carol Taylor”

"The puzzle of black male unemployment"

The Antiquus Research Group has been documenting similar insidious conditions and accounts of racial discrimination, against African-American men, in the Denver Metro, Colorado employment market and especially during the interview process. In addition, we have witnessed the same negative attitudes and racist behaviors from numerous employers in the Mountain Time Zone states as well as in the Midwestern states of America. Institutionalized racism is alive and well as anyone can see.

The above incidents are not isolated either; for certain, many Black men and women are probably afraid to speak out for fear of being labeled "not a good fit" or potentially being Black-Balled by the corporate sector. Well, you might as well speak up and speak out since you're not going to land that job anyway due to the color of your skin! This is why Affirmative Action laws must be kept in place. Our critics will rebuttal with: “Stop playing or using the ‘race card’ as the reason for not being offered a job.” This statement proves our point because only someone who is prejudiced, bigoted, and/or racist would make such a statement. Not everyone of any skin color or race will get hired for many legitimate reasons; this is a given. But not being offered a job opportunity because someone is African-American is just not right.

Please send us accounts of your experiences and please do give the names of these businesses as well as the names of the interviewers.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Musings: 06.04.08

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."

Sun Tzu

Caveat: "Treat anyone wrongfully with thou distasteful manner--and thus, alas revenge and vengeance are often the greatest of equalizers upon those of you who have come to know such proclivities are and have surely become aware that what you have wrought so negatively will reflect back upon thee so heavily!"

▪ Excerpted from The Book of Hexation [2005]
by Dok Kheti VIº

Over-Aged and Over-Qualified

“Out of a job and out of luck at 54
A growing number of older workers are losing their jobs as the economy weakens. And many are having a harder time landing new positions...”

Full Story:


Opinion & Editorial:

Treatise: Unemployment, within and among the age 40+ ranks, has spread like a rabid disease all across the United States of America. In addition, there the "At-Will Employment or Employment At-Will" States of America which gives the employer the upper hand as usual and has led to discriminatory hiring and firing (i.e., Wrongful Termination) practices via employers. Your Age, Race, Disability, Gender, Religious Preference, Credit Score, Sexual Preference, Level of Education, etc. can be used against any employed person or job-seeker and be disguised as "something else" other than the afore-mentioned categories to not hire you or terminate your present employment position (i.e., your job, your department, etc.). And guess what? There isn't much the average employee or job-seeker can do to remedy this let alone level the playing field so that there are TRUE EQUAL EMPLOYMENT opportunities and fair practices (unless you have buckets and buckets of money just sitting around to retain experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to go up against BIG BUSINESS, you will lose your legal case, should it get that far, and will be BLACK-BALLED as a bona fide undesirable potential employee within the corporate sector as being “not a good fit”)…gee, I’m sure that we all are not referring to “intimate relations”.

Caveat: For those of you who have not experienced "corporate downsizing or restructuring", and with much hope that you never do, then please become more aware of what is happening in your own backyard to your friends, family members, and associates concerning the rampant unemployment problems in America. Those of you who have never been unemployed due to NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN, have no clue!

Many of you DO NOT know what it takes to conduct and ENDURE the rigorous amount of time, effort, and costs of the job search. Networking is all about whom you know and not what you know as well as how much rear-end (or whatever physiological human parts) you are willing and able to kiss—let the facts be known. Nepotism is still rampant within the workforce. The “Old Boy” network is still alive and kicking just as the “Old Girl” network has emerged and come into fruition. Compose and send all of the “thank you” and “cover” letters you wish to and have done so—these exercises in futility (and frankly, a waste of time because they don’t get read due to the huge influx of resumes e-mailed and snail-mailed to potential employers). These activities just keep you broke by spending hundreds of dollars on printer ink cartridges even when these are supposed to be “ON SALE”. Let’s not go into the realm of local and virtual Job Fairs. There is way too much subjectivity in the interviewing process that favors the employer in any shape of the American economy. If you have not completed your Master’s degree requirements, then you’re truly in a quandary. You can show and present all of the value you will bring to any company—but you do not have that piece of paper in-hand! And you will be looked at as over-qualified as well as “suspect” due to your not having finished your degree. Most often, students DO NOT finish their degree requirements because of the outrageous cost of education and the lack of financial support from our U.S. Government should you default on your undergrad or post secondary school loan(s). The U.S. Department of Education has not figured out let alone realized that it should allow for “re-education” monies even if someone hasn’t paid off their prior student loan(s). And yes, some parents are the cause of this student loan issue because they push their children into fields that “they like” or wanted to be in but were not able to. For example—just because your child shows some promise in mathematics or physics does not mean you as the parent should vehemently push your child toward becoming a medical doctor; just because your child loves being vocally adversarial at age 10 does not mean that s/he will make a good lawyer and you shouldn’t push s/he in this direction! Not everyone wants to attend college. College isn’t fun—it’s hard work let alone going to college has always set every child up for crucial financial debt well before s/he lands a job that will ever help pay-off the exorbitant debt!

We’re not pointing fingers here but we will state that everyone’s child and future adult cannot and will not be NUMBER ONE in an area of life! Rewarding every child with a trophy in little league soccer, basketball, volleyball, debate, etc. when they are truly not worthy and/or failing in other non-sport scholastic activities is not the answer. Why? Because the REAL WORLD (i.e., not the MTV version) has no mercy upon the meek or weak—just recall Henry Tyroon, Gordon Gekko, and a few other fictitious maladies akin to today’s Corporate America culture.

The over-aged “Elders” (on all levels or rungs of the employment ladder—vertical, horizontal, and tangential) who continue to effectively and heavily run and thus help exceed the bottom lines for corporate management and Corporate America’s board of directors and stakeholders are those who are needed in all American industries. Not everyone desires to be a Corporate C-level type unless this role will truly produce something good and will be re-invested in those employees who do the actual daily grind of the work at hand in order to make a company or business profitable. The average employee or worker in America is what has built Corporate American and these folks always go UNSUNG!

It’s the average American Worker who has positively made and continues to make the difference in America.

It’s not the CEO’s who make the business grow or should reap millions of dollars in payment while their underlings can barely feed their families let along arrive at their daily grind due to outrageous gasoline prices!

This should be all about those no-name, non-management, non-perked, etc. employees of so many who are the true unsung heroes of the American Workforce!

Does anyone else see and understand this?

No wonder Corporate America sucks for most people—but we all have to work somewhere because our country is based on capitalism, greed, materialism, and keeping up with the proverbial “Joneses”; and not to mention, who has the biggest house, the biggest gasoline guzzler, the prettiest and whitest picket fence, and who can wield the most power in terms of testosterone and/or estrogen! Unemployment in America is real and is much bigger than most citizens realize. And remember, everyone will become “old” one day.

Those folks, who have arrived at being age 40+, have more than likely paid their dues in the so-called meritocratic workforce of America and in terms of their time, education, experience, and contributed worth to their diverse families, communities, and to our global societies nationally and worldwide. The only agenda that matters today, especially within the physical image-only projection that Corporate America and its so-called “diverse” Corporate Cultures are making, is that a potential hirer (employee) is young, perky, energetic, not over-weight or plus-sized, and cute (especially, with nice legs—female and/or male).

Think about the above.

But, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and one’s personal, genetic physical features should never be used as a SUBJECT means of one’s intellectual qualifications let alone one’s ability to perform the job at hand or potential or future value to any business or company.

Conclusion: Thee Karmic (Spiritual) and Cosmic (Physical) energies, forces, and laws of our Universe have a way of bringing about truth, justice, and payback (not so good) as well as leveling the playing fields within all aspects of the mundane life of many folks who tend to enamor, perpetrate, and engage in daily thoughtless, mindless pursuits without regard or concern for the well-being of their fellow humankind.

Should those perpetrators of constant ill-will care to learn more about their careless ways and want to learn more about themselves—then, you all can begin a healing process, and how you (all genders inclusive) can begin to change your purely selfish, self-motivated, self-centered, and opportunistic behaviors which are threatening, toxic projections you spew upon others…especially, your family, friends, and co-workers.

If you are seek Spiritual Counseling and are in need of an eclectic, alternative, or just a new approach, then please feel free to contact ToKW (Temple of Kemetic Wicca) so that you can begin to learn about who you really are. From there, you will learn how to channel your negative, steeping behaviors (spiritual, physiological, psychological, chemical, etc.) in ways that are much more positive as well as begin to attune and bring into balance your Aura and Chakras.

Your life should be somewhat exciting even during your mundane life-years on our planet Earth.
Blessed Be,

Em Hetep,

Temple of Kemetic Wicca
Priests & Priestesses of Ma’at
Khadem nt-nTr.t Ma'at


Department of Labor –

Employment at Will States –

History of At-Will Employment Law in the USA –

Antiquus Research Group -
Socio-Political Issues have been added to our research agenda.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Racism and Racist Thought Prevail in 2008 C.E.

"Color, Controversy and DNA"
By Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Poetry: "Prayer"

Let me not rush madly after fame
Or waste time on wishing
Hi-light on my name.
But give me longing
For the greater parts,
Love, grace and understanding
Which ought to be in all our hearts.

▪ Maria Gilberté,
Poetess & Elder