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The Hermetic Museum



Translated by Arthur Edward Waite
Containing Twenty-two most celebrated Chemical Tracts.
London: J. Elliot and Co.

Scanned at, May 2007. Proofed and Formatted by John Bruno Hare. This text is in the public domain in the United States because it was originally published prior to January 1st, 1923. These files may be used for any non-commercial purpose, provided this notice of attribution is left intact in all copies.

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Endnote: In addition, you may read passages at Google Books - The Hermetic Museum.

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The Craft: Spells & Magick

Witchcraft - Wicca, Spells, And Magick

Author: Tasha Palladino

A Brief overview of Wicca:

When witchcraft is practiced as a religion, it is called by the Old English term for witch, Wicca. This term is used to counter all the negative stereotypes that society has given witchcraft. Wicca is primarily a religion that worships nature, and sees all creation as sacred. In fact, all Wiccan holy days follow the cycles of nature and the changes in the seasons. Wicca also worships both a male and female deity, a female Goddess and a male God, who had together created the world and everything in it.

Witchcraft is neither black nor white. Witchcraft is a religion that respects Mother Nature and She is neither completely positive or completely negative, this is the same for witches.

Spells are used by Wiccans, and are a series of rituals and prayers that are conducted in witchcraft to ask for divine help in a certain aspect of life. All spells must adhere to the witchcraft code of conduct, meaning that any spells used to harm another person is forbidden. In witchcraft, spells may also be changed or adapted to suit a Wiccan's personality or specific wishes in casting the spell.

What exactly is witchcraft, spells, and magick?

Twenty years ago, I asked myself those same questions, and I'm still learning the answers. My journey started at 15 years of age, with a very understanding mother and a visit to New Age Shop. I remember entering the shop with a sense of awe, and instantly being put at ease by a wonderfully sweet aroma that hung over the bookcases. Yet, out of all the potions, oils, and books that filled the place, the one thing that stood out to me the most was the man behind the counter. He looked more like George Clooney than something out of Halloween Fairytales, and that was my first lesson. Witches look just like everyone else. Of course you may run into the occasional witch who looks more fiction than fact but other than those, most are just your average Joe, the majority tend to choose to blend in as much as possible. Why? Not everyone is armed with 21st century thinking, and in some cases, witches are put into the same category as Satanists, heathens, and just generally bad people.

I eventually took more interest in magick, oh and not my spelling of magick. Witches refer to spells and divine help as magick, not to be confused with magic, which we consider to be what you would see at a show, a magician sawing a woman in half, card tricks, etc.. Magick, however, is sacred to all Wiccans. Ah yes, back to my story, I eventually took more interest in magic and at the age of 35 purchased an old building in New Jersey and turned into one of the state's only Wiccan Temples. I currently live at home with my two wonderful children and my familiar (husband as most people call it) enjoying life and being at one with nature. I currently make a living supporting my family by offering services at my temple and through my website

Article Source:

About the Author

My name is Tasha and I have been a witch for 20 years. I hope this article helps anyone who is curious about Wicca. Currently, I own Ill-Alli Temple in Northeastern USA and own a witchcraft spells site,

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Black Orpheus

Marcel Camus' Black Orpheus (a.k.a. "Orfeu Negro") took the art-house film world by storm, in 1959, with its stunning color photography of the Brazilian Carnival celebration and sultry bossa nova beats, winning both an Academy Award and the Palme d'or at Cannes.

Transplanting the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Black Orpheus brings Greek mythology to vivid, frenetic life.

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Merry Yule

Yule Sabbat by Dr. Kheti A. Sahure

"Yule or the Winter Solstice is scientifically based on the standing still position of the Sun; this has been practiced for over 10,000 years by many cultures (especially Native Americans, Spanish and Mexican Indians) around the globe with ceremonies and festivals over 12 days). Yule is a kind of spiritual, psychic, and physiological renewal of mind, body, and soul involving the 4 elements (Earth or North, Air or East, Fire or South, and Water or West) and the 5th element being the Spirit Guide at the top of a right side up pentacle and pentagram (which are mathematically based on geometry)..."

Source: - Oct 31, 2009

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CEO Peter Apatow's Supple® Success Story

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Wicca Spellcraft for Men


Wicca Spellcraft for Men explains the workings of Wiccan spellcraft from a male point of view with special attention to the concerns men face in their day to day life. It provides the scientific principles of spellcraft and sensibly explains both the theory and practice of modern spellcraft.

The book offers examples of spells that can be found in lore. Recipes for incense, oils, and other creations are given with clear instructions on recording how well these recipes work for the individual and amending the recipes to improve function.

Internet Book Watch

Wicca Spellcraft For Men presents spellcraft from a male Wiccan perspective, explaining the difference between male and female energy results in spells and exploring how projective energy qualities have almost been ignored in female-dominated Wiccan texts. Wicca Spellcraft For Men is an excellently presented and uniquely informative treatise on male spell differences.

ILMJ Editorial Endnote:

There is also the aspect of the "Triple God" or Son, Father, Grandfather relative to the Triple Goddess or "Maiden, Mother, Crone".

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Life Coaching & Empowerment Resources

Life Coaching & Empowerment Resources


Brighter Self-Improvement

Articles include:

Goal Setting: The Fundamental Information

Self Esteem & Self-Confidence

Self-Esteem, African Americans and Racial Discrimination

The Law of Attraction and the Science of Getting Rich

Start reading for free here!

Self Dedication

Self Dedication explained
Article by David Rankine & Sorita

For more information on the authors please visit - or if you wish to contact them
please write to: BM Avalonia, London, WC1N 3XX, United
Kingdom. (Please include a SAE)
© David Rankine & Sorita 2000

Initiation is a process of "death and rebirth" - the
old self dies, and the new and magickal self is born.
A rite of self-dedication marks a serious commitment
and dedication to the path, and should not be taken

Having followed your path this far, you will have
noticed subtle (or not so subtle) changes in your
self, and you may wish to mark this, and affirm your
commitment to the path with a self-dedication ritual.
Initiation is a process which happens over time, and
the rite itself will benefit from being preceded by a
daily practice, building up in intensity as you
approach the day of the rite, with the dedication rite
being the culmination of this ritual practice.

As the rite marks a rebirth, into your witch self or
magickal self, you may wish to obtain a new magickal
item or items for it. This could be a piece of ritual
jewellery, such as a pentagram pendant, or amber and
jet necklace (the traditional witches necklace), or a
cord you wear around your waist. Some people choose to
mark their dedications by having a tattoo in a
magickal design, personal to themselves.

It is also good to have a magickal weapon which you
will consecrate at the end of the dedication rite. A
ritual dagger, or athame is the general tool chosen.
Self-dedication can be very empowering, and can
produce a feeling of "walking on clouds", and it is
very important to earth oneself afterwards, and then
to have a rest from magickal work for a period of
between a week and a month.

Simple daily meditation may be practised during this
period, but avoid intense magickal work. Time is
needed to assimilate the experience, and the
dedication process should be undertaken at a time when
you do not have too much outside stress, and are able
to take time for yourself.

It should be stressed that self-dedication is not the
same as initiation into a coven, and should you wish
to join a coven at a later date, you would still have
to go through a probationary period and coven
initiation, if accepted.


Post Scriptum: An example of a Self-Dedication Ritual can be found here:

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History of Wicca in England

HISTORY OF WICCA IN ENGLAND: 1939 - present day

This talk was given by Julia Phillips at the Wiccan Conference
in Canberra, 1991. It is mainly about the early days of the
Wicca in England; specifically what we now call Gardnerian and
Alexandrian traditions. The text remains "as given", so please remember
when you read it that it was never intended to be "read", but "heard"
and debated.

Text begins:

There are three main strands I intend to examine: one,
Gardner's claim of traditional initiation, and its subsequent
development; two, magical traditions to which Gardner would
have had access; and three, literary sources.

As we look at these three main threads, it is important to
bear in mind that Gardner was 55 years old at the time of his
claimed initiation; that he had spent many years in Malaya,
and had an enormous interest in magic, Folklore and Mythology.
By the time he published High Magic's Aid, he was 65, and 75
when "The Meaning of Witchcraft" appeared. He died in 1964, at
the age of 80.

Gardner was born in 1884, and spent most of his working adult
life in Malaya. He retired, and returned to the UK in 1936. He
joined the Folklore Society, and in June 1938, also joined the
newly opened Rosicrucian Theatre at Christchurch where it is
said he met Old Dorothy Clutterbuck.

I chose 1939 as my arbitrary starting point as that was the
year that Gerald Gardner claims he was initiated by Old
Dorothy into a practising coven of the Old Religion, that met
in the New Forest area of Britain. In his own words,

"I realised that I had stumbled upon something interesting;
but I was half-initiated before the word, "Wica" which they
used hit me like a thunderbolt, and I knew where I was, and
that the Old Religion still existed. And so I found myself in
the Circle, and there took the usual oath of secrecy, which
bound me not to reveal certain things." This quote is taken
from The Meaning of Witchcraft, which was published in 1959.

It is interesting that in this quote, Gardner spells Wicca
with only one "c"; in the earlier "Witchcraft Today" (1954)
and "High Magic's Aid" (1949), the word Wicca is not even
used. His own derivation for the word, given in "The Meaning
of Witchcraft", is as follows:

"As they (the Dane and Saxon invaders of England) had no
witches of their own they had no special name for them;
however, they made one up from "wig" an idol, and "laer",
learning, "wiglaer" which they shortened into "Wicca".

"It is a curious fact that when the witches became English-
speaking they adopted their Saxon name, "Wica"."

Source & Full Text:

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Easy Bonsai Care and Gardening Tips

A step by step guide to creating your very own instant bonsai. From starter tree to bonsai masterpiece, this book guides the enthusiast through shaping, wiring and potting of a tree, while explaining the history and philosophy of Japanese Bonsai!

Training bonsai is not as hard as most people think and this bonsai course is a step by step program for creating beautiful Japanese bonsai trees from common household pot plants.

Follow easy to understand instructions that explain how to choose the best material for a bonsai beginner to work with, and which trees you can easily train as bonsai.

Learn pruning, styling and wiring techniques that will transform a regular tree into an amazing living artwork and allow you to make bonsai trees from almost any plant material!

Complete information can be found here.

My Sol Day Holy Water, Revisited...

A Holy Water Ritual (Part I)
By Dr. Kheti A. Sahure

I. Ingredients Needed:
1-1/2 cups of spring, well, river, creek, tap or distilled (both as a last resort) water

1 sterilized glass measuring cup (for dispensing the completed Holy Water later)

1 or more small sterilized glass storage bottles

3 tbsp. Kosher rock salt or sea salt

1 sterilized earthenware vessel (bowl)

1 sterilized earthenware pot

1 sterilized tablespoon

1 sterilized teaspoon

2 tsp. of Rose Water

1 small moon mirror (for reflecting the moonlight upon the water if the Full Moon is not in an optimal position especially if working indoors or for scrying)

Note A:
Holy Water can be prepared by anyone but it does need to be blessed. Traditionally in many religions and spiritual practices, Holy Water has been and can be blessed by a Witch, Clergy, Priest, Priestess, Shaman, or someone with spiritual wherewithal and then energized by the light of the Full Moon and the Moon Goddess. The ritual part of this endeavor varies. Making Rose Water can be a bit tedious as well as time consuming; so it is suggested or optional that you obtain some from someone you know, temple or church, or purchase some from a metaphysical shoppe that actually makes its own Rose Water from natural, organic ingredients starting with white roses.

For the best results, it is preferable to get spring water from a "clean" moving body of water such as a river, stream, ocean, or creek; lake or natural well water will do just fine also. Since many natural bodies of water are so polluted, it is suggested that the water is boiled at first.

Note B:
The storage bottle or bottles you use should be dark in color--blue, brown, green, purple, or clear (as a last resort) to maintain the Holy Water's magical properties. The bottled Holy Water can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated for later use.

Note C:
If you are unable to perform the consecration of the water outdoors, then improvise and perform this indoors at your altar or someplace you deem sacred; place the vessel of or decanted bottled water in a window where the midnight moonlight will shine upon and energize it.

II. Time & Place of Day:
Preferably, outdoors at Midnight during a Full Moon or indoors at your altar if you are unable to be out of doors.

III. Preparation:
1. Cleanse and sterilize the vessel, glass measuring cup, and storage bottles with boiling water or in a dishwasher.
2. Add 3 tbsp. sea salt or Kosher rock salt to the pot of 1-1/2 cups of spring water; bring to a boil while stirring the salt until it dissolves in the water.
3. ALLOW THE LIQUID TO COOL DOWN TO ROOM TEMPERATURE then add 2 tsp. of Rose Water, stirring it into the salted water.
4. Decant the Holy Water into the vessel then perform your ritual.

About the Author:
Dr. Sahure is a practicing Alternative Spiritualist, ordained Kemetic Wiccan minister and Spiritual Counselor, traditional herbalist, senior researcher with the Antiquus Research Group and the author of many noteworthy essays and articles about a variety of topics and subjects, including herbalism, ancient history and mythology, ancient Egyptian religion (Kemeticism), metaphysical sciences, ancient religions and theology, astrology, tarot, and other divination systems. Dr. Sahure holds doctorate degrees in Metaphysical Science (Msc.D., D.Met.), Theology (Th.D.), and Divinity (D.D.). Visit his Applied Occult Metaphysics eGroup at and his online Mystic Owl Curio shoppe at

Article Source: 

Sahure, K. A. (2010, February 8). A Holy Water Ritual (Part I). Retrieved December 12, 2010, from­Holy-­Water-­Ritual-­(Part-­I)&id=3723739

Post Scriptum:
Part II (The Ritual) is available upon request...and as a warning, not for the squeamish or faint of heart! ~ Dok Kheti

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Ascending Sign Secrets

Ascending Sign Secrets
This book, Ascending Sign Secrets, will teach you for the first time specific information on Horoscope and Zodiac signs!

Ascending Sign SecretsYou're here because you want to learn all there is to know about the Ascending Sign. YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

New or seasoned – with this single resource you’ll have answers right at your fingertips – anytime you need them.

This most important detail of the Horoscope is seldom given the attention it really deserves. Hundreds of books have been written on the Sun Signs but, so far as I know, not a single volume on the Ascending Sign. For those who are not acquainted with this astrological term we should explain that the Ascending Sign is that part of the Zodiac on the Eastern Horizon at time of birth. If we know your time, date and place of birth we can erect a horoscope which will show us the sign (and even the exact degree of that sign) on your ascendant.

Ascending Sign Secrets

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Feelings Of An Indigo's Heart

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This positive and uplifting poetry book is about inspiring others to reach their higher self from within in the hope of caring for each other.

The Indigo Woman

The Indigo woman Needs love from others

She will feel better

The Indigo woman feels different She knows it 

The Indigo woman needs to be understood She feels lonely

The Indigo woman wants to share some secrets She is scared to share them

The Indigo woman feels suffocated She needs to be listened to
The Indigo woman wants the world to be a better place She needs you to be a part of it

The Indigo woman wants to tell you how precious you are She needs to tell you
The Indigo woman doesn't want any more segregation For a better world

The Indigo woman wants peace in the world For a better world

The Indigo woman wants justice for those who Can't express themselves For a better world

The Indigo woman wants you to share some love with others For a better world

The Indigo woman wants you to be happy She cares about you Care for yourself Care for others you don't know Know that they care about you You are a part of the world The world needs you 

Excerpted from Feelings Of An Indigo's Heart by Annick Nouatin Copyright © 2010 by Annick Nouatin. 

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The Warning

The Warning

Keep this book in your own hand of write. Let brothers and Sisters copy what they will, but never let this book out of your hands, and never keep the writings of another, for if it be found in their hand of write, they may well be taken and tortured. Each should guard his own writings and destroy them whenever danger threatens. Learn as much as you may by heart, and when the danger is past, rewrite your book. For this reason, if any die, destroy their book if they have not been able to, for, if it be found nd, 'tis clear proof against them. "Ye may not be a Witch alone"; so all their friends be in danger of the torture. So destroy everything not necessary. If your book be found on you, 'tis clear proof against you. You may be tortured. Keep all thought of the cult from your mind. Say you had bad dreams, that a Devil caused you to write this without your knowledge. Think to yourself, "I Know Nothing. I Remember nothing. I have forgotten all." Drive this into your mind. If the torture be too great to bear, say, "I will confess. I cannot bear this torment. What do you want me to say? Tell me and I will say it." If they try to make you talk of the broth , do not, but if they try to make you speak of impossibilities, such as flying through the air, consorting with the Devil, sacrificing children, or eating men's flesh, say, "I had an evil dream. I was not myself. I was crazed." Not all Magistrates are bad. If there be an excuse, they may show you mercy. If you have confessed aught, deny it afterwards. Say you babbled under the torture; you knew not what you did or said. If you be condemned, fear not. The Brotherhood is powerful. They may help you to escape if you are steadfast. If you betray aught, there is no hope for you, in this life, or in that which is to come. But, 'tis sure, that if steadfast you go to the pyre, drugs will reach you. You will feel naught, and you go but to Death and what lies beyond, the ecstasy of the Goddess. The same with the working Tools. Let them be as ordinary things that anyone may have in their homes. The Pentacles shall be of wax that they may be melted or broken at once. Have no sword unless your rank allows you one. Have no names or signs on anything. Write them on in ink before consecrating them and wash it off at once when finished. Never boast, never threaten, never say you wish ill to anyone. If any speak of the craft, say, "Speak not to me of such, it frightens me, 'tis evil luck to speak of it."

Source: The Garnerian Book of Shadows by Dr. Gerald Brousseau Gardner, pp. 34-35