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Dr. Israel Regardie

Dr. Israel Regardie

According to Wikipedia:

Israel Regardie, born Francis Israel Regudy(November 17, 1907–March 10, 1985) was one of the 20th century's most significant popularizers of the occult, specifically the legacies of Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Israel Regardie was born Israel Regudy in London to Barnet Regudy, a cigarette maker, and his wife, Phoebe Perry, poor orthodox Jewish immigrants from Zhitomir, Russia. His family changed their surname to "Regardie" after a clerical mixup resulted in Israel's brother being enrolled in the British Army under that name. Regardie emigrated with his parents to the United States in August 1921 and settled in Washington, DC. He studied art in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA. With a Hebrew tutor he gained a linguistic knowledge which would prove invaluable in his later studies of Hermetic Qabalah. With easy access to the Library of Congress, he read widely and became interested in theosophy, Hindu philosophy and yoga; he also joined the Rosicrucians at around this time.

After reading Part I of Magick (Book 4) by the occultist Aleister Crowley, he initiated a correspondence which led to his return at 21 to the UK at Crowley's invitation to become the latter's secretary in 1928. When the two parted company four years later in 1932, Regardie distanced himself from Crowley personally, but still retained a great deal of respect for his writings.[4] Shortly after this period he published The Tree of Life, a guide to magick, largely derived from Crowley's work, and A Garden of Pomegranates, a primer on Qabalah based on notes he had taken while working for Crowley. Regardie would later write a biography of Crowley, The Eye in the Triangle, and continue to edit and republish Crowley's works up until the 1970s.

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According to Llewellyn Publications:

Francis I. Regardie, born in London, England, November 17, 1907; died in Sedona, Arizona, March 10, 1985. Came to the United States in August 1921, educated in Washington D.C. and studied art in school in Washington and Philadelphia. Returned to Europe in 1928 at the invitation of Aleister Crowley to work as his secretary and study with him. Returned to London as secretary to Thomas Burke 1932-34, and during that time wrote A Garden of Pomegranates and The Tree of Life.

In 1934 he was invited to join the Order of the Golden Dawn, Stella Matutina Temple, during which time he wrote The Middle Pillar and The Art of True Healing, and did the basic work for The Philosopher's Stone.

Returning to the United States in 1937 he entered Chiropractic College in New York, Graduating in 1941, and published The Golden Dawn. Served in the U.S. Army 1942-1945, and then moved to Los Angeles where he opened a chiropractic practice and taught psychiatry. Upon retirement in 1981, he moved to Sedona.

During his lifetime, he studied psychoanalysis with Dr. E. Clegg and Dr. J. L. Bendit, and later studied psychotherapy under Dr. Nandor Fodor. His training encompassed Freudian, Jungian and Reichian methods.

Republished courtesy of Copyright © 2009, Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd.

ILMJ Editor's note:
Dr. Regardie's tome of esotericum mysticum, The Golden Dawn, is a significant masterpiece within the realm of Applied Occult Metaphysics, Ceremonial Magick, Qabalistic (Kabbalistic) studies, and alternative spiritual practices. Not only does one need to be well read but you will want to be "well-practiced" in several esoteric mysticism systems. As an ordained minister and spiritual occultist, I highly recommend the writings of Dr. Israel Regardie. ~ Rev. Kheti A. Sahure, DD, MscD, ThD ▪ Temple of Kemetic Wicca

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InnerLink Metaphysical Journal Podcast

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