Friday, December 25, 2009

Aromatherapy History

A Brief History of Aromatherapy from Around the Globe

If you mention aromatherapy to a majority of people they immediately think of it being just one of the many new fads that has come to light with the hope of promising relief and a miracle cure for all ills. However, this is far from true. Aromatherapy is no fad.

While aromatherapy can bring relief to a number of conditions and is one of the leading aids for helping with stress related disorders, it has been around for thousands of years. In fact, aromatherapy is actually one of the oldest kinds of holistic medicine used throughout the world. During the prehistoric times they did not’t have the resources that we have today, and there were very little sanitary measures and certainly no drug stores or doctors.

However, people still got sick and this meant they had to find resources of their own and rely on what they had in their surroundings. One of the ways by which they learned during these times were by watching animals; they learned that animals would eat certain herbs and plants while avoiding others.

This is how the basis of aromatherapy started. It was found that not only could the herbs and plants be eaten to relieve many ailments, but they also could be crushed and used as infusions and even their smell brought relief. This was the birth of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy as we know it and practice it today was first given to us by the Egyptians. The Egyptians learned not only were the plants and herbs useful when crushed but also oils could be extracted. This oil was a more potent way of using the flowers and herbs for medicinal remedies.
While the Egyptians were developing their aromatherapy techniques, so were the Chinese. One of the earliest books on aromatherapy dates back to 2,700 BC and lists over 300 plants and herbs and their uses.

However, it was the Greeks who went on to discover that oils extracted from certain flowers were more useful for relaxation purposes while others for more medical reasons. It was the Greeks who also introduced the base of olive oil into which to put the extracted essence. The Romans quickly adopted this from the Greeks, and it was here that the aromatherapy baths were introduced; these baths were then followed by a hot oil massage.

The popularity of aromatics used for a wide range of ills increased, and this led to the importation of exotic spices, flowers, and oils from India, China, and Arabia.

When Europe descended into the dark ages, aromatherapy went with it, as anything that was not’t classed as traditional Western medicine was put into the “Witchcraft” bracket and those who practiced aromatherapy were branded as a witch. Aromatherapy resurfaced again during the Middle Ages when the bubonic plague was prevalent; it was found that the scent from burning cedar and pine would help to fumigate infected enclosures.

When European settlers came to America they were surprised to find that the Native Americans had been using aromatic oils for a long time for a wide variety of uses. Finally, around the 19th century, the value of aromatherapy was truly recognized and traditional medicine started taking aromatherapy seriously.

Today aromatherapy is available to be used in the home, and although a little knowledge and understanding of the herbs and their uses is needed, you don’t have to be an expert to be able to make the remedies for yourself.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Use the Power of the Sun

Use the Power of the Sun with Solar Electricity

When asked about alternative energy or renewable energy, most people think of solar electricity. Generating electricity from the sun is a technology that everyone knows well. Whether it is your pocket calculator, home, or workshop, regardless of your power needs, solar electricity can get the job done.

Solar electricity has a number of unique advantages over conventional or grid-based electricity. Solar electric systems can be designed for a variety of applications and are extremely beneficial in remote areas where other electric opportunities do not exist. In addition, photovoltaic (PV) systems that generate solar electricity have no moving parts therefore requiring minimal maintenance, are easily expandable, and with many smaller units, transportable.

Environmental compatibility is a huge selling point for converting to solar electricity. The fuel for generating solar electricity is a free renewable resource, the sun. Solar electricity offers no noise pollution and actually almost no pollution from their operation. Another appealing factor for many who choose solar electricity over conventional electricity is simply the independence. It is an attractive offer to many rural dwellers to know that when the lights go out due to storms or blackouts, theirs are still working. No longer a slave to waiting on hold to report an outage to find it will be 10 hours before their service will be restored.

The hardest part of converting to solar electricity is the cost of the system. Investing in a solar energy system can be a substantial upfront cost. The value of solar electricity is realized over several years. A professionally installed solar array for an average dwelling (avg. $100/month in electric bills) could pay for itself in 5 years. You could reduce that number by building your own solar panel system or by purchasing a used system. With many solar energy systems in less rural areas and only in some states, you can sell your unused solar electricity back to the electric company. In these situations the return on your investment is realized much more quickly.

Using the power of sun with solar electricity is a benefit to the environment and to your home. Solar electricity is already being used to supplement power for a number of large cities in North America. Take time to
learn more about solar electricity and how you can have trade in your electric bill for a carefree life with solar electricity.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chakra Attunement

Chakra Tuning 
By Dr. Kheti A. Sahure 

Yoga and meditation are the mantra of today’s fast paced world. Thanks to the undue tension that every one of us is taking on our heads at our work place and on the domestic front, yoga and meditation are the only sources of peace and tranquility and better living today. So, how do we ensure that we fine tune our frequencies and make the most of the benefits that we can receive through yoga and meditation? How can we do this without spending extra time from our already tight schedules? These are questions that need to be answered and the answer lies below.

The chakra concept is an age old concept that talks about the chakras or the power centers in our body. These power centers are placed in seven different places all across our body right from our head to our toe. These chakras if motivated and kindled produce energy – that proves to be vital for our well being. If these are stimulated properly, we can have a positive outlook to life devoid of any illness or negativities that could arise in life. So how do we motivate these power centers or these so called chakras?

Each of these chakras is stimulated by different frequencies and hence what works for one of them will not work for the others. So, we will need to stimulate each of these chakras at different frequencies if we are to see the desired results. Though this is a complication as we cannot just apply one frequency to all these chakras, we need to realize that nothing is that easy in life. So we need to look at best ways to stimulate all these seven chakras and ensure that we get a good positive bout of energy as a result of such planned and schemed stimulation.

If you set out to get these chakras stimulated on your own, then you might even take a whole life time. So the beauty lies in not just stimulating these chakras, you also need to ensure that you do it pretty fast and regularly if you want to experience the sense of well being as soon as possible. So, is there help at hand? Of course, there is our very own chakra stimulating binaural beats and these will help you achieve what you want to – in a very short span of time.

These chakra stimulating binaural beats act in such a way that they target all the seven chakras by stimulating them by inducing various frequency levels. So these binaural beats provide these variations in the frequency levels that will make all your energy centers work at a stupendous speed. The result is an n absolute flow of energy making you feel ecstatic and energetic and leaving you with a lot more energy than usual. These have absolutely no side effects and once you start using them, you are sure to love them. They have proven results and there are a lot of people out there using these chakra stimulating binaural beats.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009



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