Friday, April 30, 2010

Reflexology for Beginners

"Reflexology: A Health-Promoting Massage Therapy that Anyone can Practice

A good foot massage is one of life's most satisfying pleasures. With a little bit of knowledge, it can also be one of the easiest and least invasive methods for treating specific ailments and promoting overall wellness."

According to Wikipedia: "Reflexology (zone therapy) is an alternative medicine method involving the practice of massaging or applying pressure to parts of the feet, or sometimes the hands and ears, with the goal of encouraging a beneficial effect on other parts of the body, or to improve general health.

The Reflexology Association of Canada defines reflexology as: A natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears and their referral areas within zone related areas, which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes without the use of tools, crèmes or lotions, the feet being the primary area of application, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body."

Source: Wikipedia contributors, "Reflexology," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed April 30, 2010).

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind

Here is just some of the life changing knowledge you will find in Our Ultimate Reality:

  • Discover your infinite, immortal Spiritual nature, and what it really means

  • Discover the importance of Energy, Vibration and Mind

  • Discover the truth about the afterlife, reincarnation and karma

  • Discover your true destiny, and the Spiritual growth to realise it

  • Discover the true nature of the Universe in all spheres of reality

  • How to attract abundance and anything you need, wish for or desire

  • How to remain healthy and heal any ailment, however serious it might seem

  • How to achieve Astral Projection and OBE's and the 3 best methods for each

  • How to visit where you will go to after "death" and visit "deceased" people

  • How to contact your Higher-Self to find the true answers to important questions

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maya-Aztec Astrology

Based on the ancient science of Maya-Aztec astrology, this unique reading delves deep into your inner self...

What People Are Saying About Our Readings:

What People Are Saying
Wow! A totally new way to look at my life and why I do the things I do!
-- Sara, United States

I never knew that the Mayan's had their own calendar and prophecies. Now I can't wait to see what 2012 brings.
-- Robert, Spain

Thank you so much for this unique look back in time!
-- Amy, United States

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Astrological Calendar

The oldest and most trusted astrological calendar in the world, with all the horoscopes and astrological data you need.

2010 Astrological Calendar - 50% Off!

Also included are original paintings by Eric Williams, monthly horoscopes for every sign by Sally Cragin, plus:
  • Introduction to Astrology by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

  • Travel forecasts by Bruce Scofield

  • Lunar Gardening
  • Best planting and fishing days

  • Monthly ephemerides and major daily aspects

  • The Moon's sign, phase, and void-of-course dates

  • Graphic retrograde table
  • Quick reference guide for each month, symbol key on each month, and times included with aspects

  • Calendar times reflect Daylight Saving Time

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chinese Occultism & Divination

Chinese Occultism

Paul Carus


An explanation of the universe which derives all distinctions between things, conditions, relations, etc., from differences of mixture, must have appeared very plausible to the ancient sages of China, and we appreciate their acumen when we consider that even to-day advanced Western scientists of reputation attempt to explain the universe as a congeries of force-centers, acting either by attraction or repulsion in analogy to positive and negative electricity. On the ground of this fact the educated Chinese insist with more than a mere semblance of truth, that the underlying idea of the Chinese world-conception is fully borne out and justified by the results of Western science.

While it is obvious that the leading idea of the yih is quite scientific, we observe that as soon as the Chinese thinkers tried to apply it a priori without a proper investigation of cause and effect, they abandoned more and more the abstract (and we may say, the purely mathematical) conception of the yang and yin, fell victims to occultism, and used the yih for divination purposes. When we compare the vagaries of the occultism of the yih with the accomplishments of Western science, we may feel very wise and superior, but we should not forget that it was the same fallacious argument of wrong analogy which produced in China the many superstitious practices of the yih, and in the history of our civilisation, astrology, alchemy, and magic. These pseudo-sciences were taken seriously in the world of thought throughout the Middle Ages and began to be abolished only after the Reformation with the rise of genuine astronomy, genuine chemistry, and genuine nature science. If the Chinese are wrong we must remember that there was a time when we made the same mistake.

The Chinese outfit for divination consists of fifty stalks called "divining-sticks" and six small oblong blocks to represent the hexagrams. These blocks are not unlike children's building-blocks, but they bear on two adjoining sides incisions dividing the oblong faces into equal sections, so as to give the surface the appearance of a yin figure. The sticks are made of stalks of the milfoil plant (ptarmica sibirica) which is cultivated on the tomb of Confucius and regarded as sacred.

Pious people consult the oracle on all important occasions. They are first careful to make themselves clean, and then assume a calm and reverential attitude of mind. The diviner then takes out one stick and places it in a holder on the center of the table. This single stalk is called "the grand limit" (t'ai chih), the ultimate cause of existence. He next lifts the forty-nine remaining sticks above his forehead with his right hand, and divides them at random into two parts, at the same time holding his breath and concentrating his thoughts on the question to be answered. The sticks in the right hand are then placed on the table, and one is taken out from them and placed between the fourth and fifth fingers of the left hand. The three groups are now called heaven, earth and man. The left-hand group is then counted with the right hand in cycles of eight, and the number of the last group yields the lower trigram of the answer, called the inner complement. This number is counted after the oldest order of the eight trigrams, viz., that of Fuh-Hi corresponding to the inverted binary arrangement. The upper trigram, called the outer complement, is determined in the same way.

After the hexagram is determined, one special line is selected by the aid of the divining-sticks in the same way as before, except that instead of counting in cycles of eight, the diviner now counts in cycles of six. Having thus established the hexagram and a special line in it, he next consults the Yih King which contains a definite meaning for each hexagram as a whole, and also for each single line; and this meaning is made the basis of the divine answer.

It is obvious that this complicated process presupposes a simpler one which, however, must have been in use in pre-historic times, for as far as Chinese history dates back the divining stalks and the kwa system are referred to in the oldest documents.


34:21 Anu, Bel, and Ea are the Sumerian trinity. The words Bel and Ea are illegible on the tablet and have been restored by an unequivocal emendation. A doubtful word of the tablet has been translated by "omen" which presupposes that the translator regards the tablet as a means of divination.

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Our Telepathic Ways


I hope all of you are aware of the concept called "telepathy". However, for people who are new to this term here is a brief description of this concept. Telepathy is the process when one is able to understand the other’s thought process even without verbal communication. There are people who are able to understand what other people think, without directly communicating with them. The scientific reason behind this is that these people might unknowingly share the same frequency levels and hence the thoughts flow through these frequencies in the air.

It does help to know one’s thought process without communication, doesn’t it? It is at this time, that the telepathy software advertised in this site comes to our rescue. It gives various tips and tricks as to how to keep one’s mind clear and peaceful. Telepathy works only in situations where the mind is really relaxed. This software is very easy to download and it come at a very reasonable price.

The ability of telepathy is there in almost all human beings, it is just that we should learn to tap this potential. The mind should be really clear first to catch the thought processes. This software is very helpful to train the human mind and give it a very relaxed state. The telepathy abilities work well in certain frequency ranges only. Hence this software gives a list of steps to help the brain think effectively in these frequency ranges.

There are various recording beats in this software which helps to stimulate the brain to these conditions and relaxes it completely. The brain then becomes oblivious to the external circumstances and focuses only on those beats at the particular frequency ranges. This increases the telepathy abilities of the brain to a great extent. It is always good to keep the brain in a very relaxed state, so that it is able to absorb the frequency signals correctly.

Telepathy works wonders in improving relationships. Just imagine a situation like this. The husband understands what his wife thinks, even without the wife directly saying that to him. He behaves exactly the way his wife wants and gets her exactly what she wanted. Will you not envy this lucky wife who has got a husband who just loves her so much that he knows what goes through in her mind even without communication? That is the power of telepathy. If one wants to improve relationships, focus more on other commitments, bring stability to life and have a relaxed mindset always, one has to improve his powers of telepathy. Nobody is a specialist in telepathy. Some call it instincts, some call it intuition, however, the concept remains the same. With proper training, anybody can become an expert in telepathy.

The Brain Entrainment website points out some different kinds of software which helps the brain to enhance its abilities. There are a lot of techniques available on this website, which comes at reasonable prices and are easy to download. One such technique is telepathy. This is explained in detail at the Brain Entrainment website. You will also learn more about ways in which you can benefit from "exposing" your subconscious mind.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Self-Esteem and African Americans

Self-Esteem and African Americans:
Does Racial Discrimination and Prejudice Affect One’s Self-Worth?

by William S. Cook

"Since African Americans have been in hot water since arriving to North America as captives, how do they view themselves in light of their negative American experiences?

The ancestors of most African Americans came to the West as captives. They fought courageously for more than three hundred years to become free persons. After the Civil War, Congress passed laws that illegalized slavery, granted citizenship to African Americans and gave males voting privileges. Even with these legal adjustments, African Americans have been the victims of racism, segregation, stereotypes from mainstream media and prejudice and discrimination..."