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How To Make A Dowsing Pendulum

How To Make A Dowsing Pendulum
Author: Shen Gerald

A pendulum is a very useful communication tool for spiritual inquiring. When used in conjunction with a chart, it can be used for dowsing and divination. It can be used for the following:

Provide Yes/No responses and answers to queries. This is similar to muscle testing or applied kinesiology.

Provide more accurate answers to queries, such as degree, intensity or percentage.
There are commercial pendulums available on the market. Usually they can be bought from shops dealing with metaphysical or new age stuffs. However these shops are quite scarce and can be quite hard to find. Alternatively, pendulums can be ordered online through websites selling them.

This article is about making a do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) pendulum for dowsing. If you want to save some money or commercial pendulums are not available for you, you can opt to make one yourself.

Actually, to make a pendulum is not that difficult. We can always find substitutes for the various parts of a commercially-manufactured pendulum. The parts that need to be substituted are:

The bob which is the weight at the lower end of a pendulum.
The chain which connects the hand to the pendulum bob.

For the pendulum bob, we can use any reasonably weighted object. I personally, use arrow shaped pendants. In fact, the smaller-sized fishing weights can also be used. Although, I much prefer some pendants over fishing weights as they are more visually attractive than the latter. Pendants can be bought from fashion accessory stores. As for fishing weights, they can be found in large departmental stores as well as shops selling fishing equipments.

For the chain, they can be acquired from fashion accessory shops that sell necklaces and chains. Metal ones are preferred. The length of the chain should not be more than a foot. In my opinion, 1/2 to 3/4 of a foot is quite ideal.

Once we have the parts, all we need is to assemble them. At the tip of the pendant or fishing weight is usually a loop or ring. We need to hook one end of the chain through the ring (or loop) at the tip of the pendulum bob (which is either a pendant or fishing weight).

Normally, most chains are made up of many little metallic rings. To assemble the pendulum, we may need to pry open one of the metallic rings (at one end of the chain) and insert the loop/ring of the pendulum bob through it. After that, we will need to re-adjust the metallic ring (on the chain) back to its original closed-looped position. A long-nose plier is most suitable for doing these fine handiworks.

That's all to making a pendulum for dowsing. Quite simple, isn’t it!
I hope this article is useful. Happy pendulum making.

About the Author:

The author runs a Self Growth site with pendulum dowsing and divination resources.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Middle Pillar of Light Meditation


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Its basis is found in the Mystical Qabalah and the Tree of Life.

The Middle Pillar is a powerful harmonising channel which balances Universal Energies and Potentials with our own being and makes them readily available to us as we Journey through Life.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pentagram Meditation Technique

Pentagram Meditation Technique

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Past Life Regression

When there are enough stories on record that go back to reinforce the theories of reincarnation, how and where can we deny them? So we are left with absolutely no choice but to believe that we did live life earlier once and we did die and get into this current life. There are certain theories that also express that what we are in this life is the karma or the results of our previous births. Given this fact, then is it not quite surprising that each and every one of us is keen to know what we were in our previous births – but is this practically possible?

IT is if you have the past life regression recording to help you. This unique recording helps you to oscillate between frequencies that influence dreaming and your waking activities and lets you get to a state in between that helps in understand your past life. Once your brain starts reading these frequencies, then it becomes very easy for you to look back at the pages of your past life, like you are reading a book, right from your present mental condition. So you will be so much aware of yourself when you are actually in the process of looking back at your own life.

To actually explain how this happens – you might need to know a little about what frequencies would interfere with what. The alpha frequency is the one where you are completely aware and totally active. The theta frequency on the other hand, is the frequency that helps in dreaming and other related activities. So when you want to actually look at your past life, then there is a necessity to oscillate between the frequencies of the alpha and the theta levels and that is precisely what our binaural beat recording helps you to do. It helps your brain to get into the alpha and theta frequency levels at the required levels so that you are able to easily view the past lives that you have had – what you were and what you did and you end up feeling you have lived your past live all over again!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Aiki-jūjutsu Academy

Aiki-jūjutsu Academy 


Aiki-jūjutsu is a form of jujutsu which emphasizes "an early neutralization of an attack." Like other forms of jujutsu, it emphasizes throwing techniques and joint manipulations to effectively control, subdue or injure an attacker. It emphasizes using the timing of an attack to either blend or neutralize its effectiveness and use the force of the attacker's movement against them. Daitō-ryū is characterized by the ample use of atemi, or the striking of vital areas, in order to set up their jointlocking or throwing tactics. Some of the art's striking methods employ the swinging of the outstretched arms to create power and to hit with the fists at deceptive angles as can be observed in techniques such as the atemi which sets up gyaku ude-dori or 'reverse elbow lock'. Tokimune regarded one of the unique characteristics of the art to be its preference for controlling a downed attacker's joints with one's knee in order to leave one's hands free to access one's weapons or to deal with the threat of other oncoming attackers.

Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu

Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu (大東流合気柔術?), originally called Daitō-ryū Jujutsu (大東流柔術, Daitō-ryū Jūjutsu?), is a Japanese martial art that first became widely known in the early 20th century under the headmastership of Takeda Sokaku. Takeda had extensive training in several martial arts (including Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryū and sumo) and referred to the style he taught as "Daitō-ryū" (literally, "Great Eastern School"). Although the school's traditions claim to extend back centuries in Japanese history there are no known extant records regarding the ryū before Takeda. Whether he is regarded as the restorer or founder of the art, the known history of Daitō-ryū begins with Takeda Sokaku. Perhaps the most famous student of Takeda was Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido.


The origins of Daitō-ryū maintain a direct lineage extending approximately 900 years, originating with Shinra Saburō Minamoto no Yoshimitsu (新羅 三郎 源 義光, 1045–1127), who was a Minamoto clan samurai and member of the Seiwa Genji (the branch of the Minamoto family descending from 56th imperial ruler of Japan, Emperor Seiwa). Daitō-ryū takes its name from the mansion that Yoshimitsu lived in as a child, called "Daitō" (大東?), in Ōmi Province (modern day Shiga Prefecture). According to legend, Yoshimitsu dissected the corpses of men killed in battle, studying their anatomy for the purpose of learning techniques for joint-locking and vital point striking (kyusho-jitsu).

Yoshimitsu had previously studied the empty-handed martial art of tegoi, an ancestor of the Japanese national sport of sumo, and added what he learned to the art. Yoshimitsu eventually settled down in Kai Province (modern day Yamanashi Prefecture), and passed what he learned within his family. Ultimately, Yoshimitsu's great-grandson Nobuyoshi adopted the surname "Takeda," which has been the name of the family to the present day. The Takeda family remained in Kai Province until the time of Takeda Shingen (武田 信玄, 1521–1573). Shingen opposed Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga in their ultimately successful campaign to unify and control all of Japan. With the death of Shingen and his heir, Takeda Katsuyori (武田 勝頼, 1546–1582), the Takeda family relocated to the Aizu domain (an area comprising the western third of modern day Fukushima Prefecture).

Though these events caused the Takeda family to lose some of its power and influence, it remained intertwined with the ruling class of Japan. More importantly, the move to Aizu and subsequent events profoundly shaped what would emerge as Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu in the 19th century. One important event was the adoption of Tokugawa Ieyasu's grandson, Komatsumaru (1611–1673), by Takeda Kenshoin (fourth daughter of Takeda Shingen). 

Komatsumaru devoted himself to the study of the Takeda family's martial arts, and was subsequently adopted by Hoshina Masamitsu. Komatsumaru changed his name to Hoshina Masayuki (保科 正之), and in 1644 was appointed the governor of Aizu. As governor, he mandated that all subsequent rulers of Aizu study the arts of Ono-ha Ittō-ryū (which he himself had mastered), as well as the art of oshikiuchi, a martial art which he developed for shogunal counselors and retainers, tailored to conditions within the palace. These arts became incorporated into and comingled with the Takeda family martial arts.

According to the traditions of Daitō-ryū, it was these arts which Takeda Sokaku began teaching to non-members of the family in the late 19th century. Takeda had additionally studied swordsmanship and spearmanship with his father, Takeda Sokichi, as well as Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryū as a live-in student (uchi-deshi) under the renowned swordsman Sakakibara Kenkichi.[5] During his life, Sokaku traveled extensively to attain his goal of preserving his family's traditions by spreading Daitō-ryū throughout Japan.

Takeda Sokaku's third son, Tokimune Takeda (武田 時宗 Takeda Tokimune, 1916–1993), became the headmaster of the art following the death of Sokaku in 1943. Tokimune taught what he called "Daitō-ryū Aikibudō" (大東流合気武道?), an art that included the sword techniques of the Ono-ha Ittō-ryū along with the traditional techniques of Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu. It was also under Tokimune's headmastership that modern dan rankings were first created and awarded to the students of Daitō-ryū. Tokimune Takeda died in 1993 leaving no official successor, but a few of his high ranking students such as Katsuyuki Kondo (近藤 勝之 Kondō Katsuyuki, born 1945) and Shigemitsu Kato now head their own Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu organizations.
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Alpha Frequency Meditation Techniques

Alpha Frequency Meditation Techniques

Thanks to the stress and strain that we are putting our bodies to, today most of us are in a compulsion to go in for some relaxation treatments to regain what we lost and meditation is seemingly emerging as the most sought after relaxation treatments. Why do we meditate? We do this to distance ourselves from the current situation and concentrate on nothingness, at least figuratively. When we meditate, on concentrate on this vacuum, we are able to come out of the distressing present and think above all such materialistic things. So, this relieves us of all the pent up stress and makes us feel light.

Though most of us know what meditation means, few realize the technical impact and theory of meditation. The whole world is full of frequencies and these form the backbone of life on this planet. IT is indeed a pity that very few of us understand them though. Going on to explain, we all form part of the Beta frequency during our daily activities. However meditation comes in the Alpha state which is a much more advanced state. This is precisely the reason why most of the people who start meditation are unable to succeed as they find it extremely difficult to get their brains to operate in the Alpha zone.

Even if you are able to fine tune your brain and body to function in the Alpha zone, very soon you will find yourself fluctuating between the Alpha zone and very soon you will reach the Theta zone and then pass into Delta which is the frequency that comes into play when you are asleep. So, the trick lies in holding your brain to operate for a continuous or fixed time frame in the Alpha zone where you will be able to blissfully meditate.

We know all about meditation and the Alpha frequency – so now how do we get into the privileged frequency when we want to. Here were present our Binaural Beat Recordings, that will help you attain your goal. So, you don’t have to bother even if you are new to the world of meditation. You can use our recordings to help you get into the Alpha zone easily. When you start listening to our recording, either over the earphone or through your headset, you will realize that you naturally drop into the Alpha zone and thereby start meditation immediately.

Such is the power of our Binaural Beat Recording.

Though there are quite a few classes that are getting conducted – both in person and over the internet, you need to look at what works best before staring these courses. No point in you spending time and money on something that is not going to work for you. That is the advantage of our product as you can get yourself listening to it when you know for a fact that you have enough time at your disposal.

You don’t have to travel or spend time in reaching out to your tutor or whoever is training you – so what are you waiting for?