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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Corpus Hermetica

"The Corpus Hermetica"

Attributed to Hermes Trismestigustus
Read the PDF version here.

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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

When there are enough stories on record that go back to reinforce the theories of reincarnation, how and where can we deny them? So we are left with absolutely no choice but to believe that we did live life earlier once and we did die and get into this current life. There are certain theories that also express that what we are in this life is the karma or the results of our previous births. Given this fact, then is it not quite surprising that each and every one of us is keen to know what we were in our previous births – but is this practically possible?

IT is if you have the past life regression recording to help you. This unique recording helps you to oscillate between frequencies that influence dreaming and your waking activities and lets you get to a state in between that helps in understand your past life. Once your brain starts reading these frequencies, then it becomes very easy for you to look back at the pages of your past life, like you are reading a book, right from your present mental condition. So you will be so much aware of yourself when you are actually in the process of looking back at your own life.

To actually explain how this happens – you might need to know a little about what frequencies would interfere with what. The alpha frequency is the one where you are completely aware and totally active. The theta frequency on the other hand, is the frequency that helps in dreaming and other related activities. So when you want to actually look at your past life, then there is a necessity to oscillate between the frequencies of the alpha and the theta levels and that is precisely what our binaural beat recording helps you to do. It helps your brain to get into the alpha and theta frequency levels at the required levels so that you are able to easily view the past lives that you have had – what you were and what you did and you end up feeling you have lived your past live all over again!

Though you might have difficulty to start off with to vary your levels of these alpha and theta frequencies, with practice and time, it is only going to get all the more easy – practice makes perfect and that applies for everything – even for past life regression. Also our binaural beat recorder helps you to easily pick up these various levels of frequencies. Going through your past life could be a revelation in itself and you are sure to understand the purpose of your current life. Apart from learning to correct the things that went wrong last time, you could also take a leaf out of your past life and try to put our current lives to the best that we can. This is indeed a very good thing and one good reason why every one of us should try to look back – to our past lives.

Editor’s Note: "The source of the memories is more likely cryptomnesia and confabulations that combine past experiences, knowledge, imagination and suggestion or guidance from the hypnotist than recall of a previous existence." [Source: "Past life regression." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 21 Nov 2009, 02:52 UTC. 2 Dec 2009 < >.]

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Subliminal Learning and How It Works

Subliminal Learning

Your regular conscious way of learning is through repeated experience and practice; through this process the new information will be stored deep within your mind on an unconscious level. This is how we learn to ride a bicycle, learn math, or even develop our confidence and establish self beliefs for example.

Subliminal learning bypasses this conscious experience and practice stage and sends information directly to your unconscious mind. If the same subliminal messages are sent frequently enough this will lead to the same outcome, i.e. a shift in your self beliefs. The only difference is that the shift comes naturally, from within!

We are all exposed to subliminal messages every day due to the massive amounts of information we are exposed to, and our limited capacity to consciously register it. As a result this may lead to small changes in our minds, or over time if you are exposed to the same subliminal information over and over then there will be lasting changes.

Listening to a subliminal messaging album is simply a way to counteract this and take control. By targeting subliminal messages consistently at your mind, in larger and focused quantities you can make positive changes in areas of your choice.

Subliminal audio can be used to improve any area of your life - from deep internal changes, to improvements in the physical body. For example, you can increase your motivation, boost your self esteem, treat illnesses and phobias, the possibilities are endless - even subliminal language learning is possible!

We will now go into the principles behind subliminal messaging and the technical side of how subliminal messaging works. The simplest way to show how subliminal messaging works is to describe it in relation to a more common form of mind programming - hypnosis.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Qabalah Mysteries

Mysteries of the Qabalah

by Elias Gewurz


In ancient times the world was not so overburdened with literature as in the unfortunate present, when millions of books which all treat of the same unimportant matters, things which come and go, mere illusions of the moment, are produced in such numbers. In those days man depended more upon the oral teachings and when ready received his due from a teacher to whom he was led often seemingly by chance. The method of teaching followed was generally the Qabalistic one of using the sacred scrolls, upon which were written glyphs and symbols, and upon this foundation building up a solid structure of knowledge which there is nothing in the modern world to excel. The teachings related to the Macrocosmos, the large world or the Universe, and to the Microcosmos, the reflection of that larger world, called Man. From the teachings hidden in these glyphs and symbols a universal science may be obtained, as is agreed by all who have studied these things, notably by H. P. Blavatsky, a science which treats of the Becoming of the Universe, of flux and efflux of Manvantara and Pralaya, from the generation of the "Gods" to the perfection of man.

One of the methods used to unravel the mysteries hidden in these sacred writings or scrolls is that of Temura or permutation, the anagrammatical method of changing the position of the letters forming a word to create a new word which explains the original. A striking example of this method, which should be of interest to all who are concerned with occult development and to those who are interested in the writings of the Alchemists, is the following:

The writers on Alchemy speak of a mysterious substance to which no name is given. It is said to be the cheapest thing in the world and costs nothing, it cannot be bought, but is actually given "for nothing" to all who are entitled to it. What is this mysterious thing? Let the Qabalist answer. It is grace.

This strange teaching was known ages before the Alchemists gave it out to their disciples, being hidden in the sacred writings of old, to be discovered by this method of Temura or permutation. Let us endeavour to gain some idea as to the method of giving out the hidden wisdom in the days of old.

The Hebrew word MChN, Mechein, meaning literally "from grace," has six permutations of great significance, viz., MChN, "from grace," MNCh, "from the one who rests," CHMn, meaning "rich oil," NChM, "to comfort," NMCh, "to obliterate," and finally, ChNM, "for nothing."

In these permutations is hidden a teaching of the deepest significance.

He who has passed through the fires of life and seen the emptiness of carnal things, of things transitory, those things which at the utmost last but for a life-time, even if that limit be reached, he who has reached this stage becomes MNCh, the one who rests from action. He has discovered after bitter lessons, after repeated trials and tests, that all mundane things are useful only because of the lessons which they teach the Soul. Having thus learned from long experience that nothing in the world of man may bind him, he becomes MNCh. He goes out into the world a disciple doing the work of his Master, doing his Master's will, seeking to bring anew to earth the mighty truths so long hidden from a materialistic world, seeking ever to serve his brethren unto whom the same light has not yet been vouchsafed, ever in the midst of great activity, yet himself inactive within. Whatever storm there may be without, however much it may pour with hailstones, however fearful the lightning and thunder in the world of man, he stands calmly by, ready to serve those who are sent to him, ready to do the will of God, for he has learned from the Silence and become MNCh.

Thus, he acquires GRACE, MChN, that grace which is his due through resting from effort, whilst ever in the midst of the fight.

This grace, or MChN, is like unto "rich oil," which is ChMN, pouring down upon him, anointing him and opening up a wider field of consciousness to him, which tells of perfect unity and at-one-ment, that plane or condition of being known in the East as the Buddhic and spoken of in the West as Cosmic Consciousness. Entering into this condition of Buddhic consciousness through the anointing, all his doubts and fears are dispelled. Never again can he complain that there is no purpose in life, nevermore will he rail at the gods for the faults of man, for now he knows, he realises and understands the reason, and sees the Purpose shining even in the darkest night of misery. Thus knowing much he is enabled to forgive all, and sets his feet firmly upon the path of Attainment.

Henceforth, as the looks around him and studies the Sacred Scriptures written in the hearts of men, he sees nothing evil, except in a relative sense. There are only lessons to be learned and a something beyond all forms which is Real and Everlasting. Nothing that is human is evil in his sight, nothing that is human is wrong, there is no sin but what he might himself have committed, no stage but what he himself has passed in his upward climb and knowing the effect of these lessons upon himself he realises that all is for the best and that God in truth, is indeed in his heaven, and that all is, as the poet says, right with the world.

The word NChM, "to comfort," shews us that after arriving at this stage the man is comforted with the knowledge gained, comforted by the Divine Grace which through resting he has attained. And now a new stage has been reached shewn in the word NMCh, meaning "to obliterate," the lower man is obliterated and the god appears in all his glory. It is now that the disciple attains to perfection and receives the great Arcanum, the true Philosopher's Stone which is given him literally "for nothing" (CHNM). He brings with him only grace (MChN), which permuted is ChNM, meaning literally "for nothing."

This then is the meaning of the Alchemists when they assert that the, sacred fire cannot be bought but is to be had "for nothing," but this "nothing" is a very precious "something," for it is grace without which no man can safely be entrusted with the Grand Secret.

We may read the lessons contained in these Temuras in a shorter way thus:—

The grace of God is like unto rich oil pouring out from the Heavens, coming "to comfort" the "one who rests" from strife and serving "to obliterate" all evil, so that nothing is left but the Perfected One, the Tahar or Arhat.

This is an illustration of the method called Temura. Let us now study that of Gematria or numerical valuation and incidentally learn the secret of the wonderful number thirty-three, a secret especially interesting to Freemasons.

The struggler, the disciple, it is well known, has to be thrown down into the Pit into the depths of matter, to learn the lessons which only can be learned through bitter experience. In the midst of his trials when for a time the Light is shut out from him he cries aloud: "Woe is me, my pain is greater than I can bear."

This pain is felt only by the lower man who is being crushed and the teacher reminds the disciple of this and instructs him by means of the perfect number thirty-three.

The value of the Hebrew word KABI which means "my pain" is exactly thirty-three, the number well-known to Occultists and Free-Masons. Why is this called the perfect number? How many Free-masons can answer? Few indeed of those who specialise in the "fourth degree," the banqueting degree, in any case, can throw even a faint glimmer of light upon the subject. Oh! that we might be permitted to pour the "Chochmah Nistorah" into the empty Masonic vessels and purify the Craft of its defilements. Idol with feet of clay! Let us leave the proud holders of this degree in the hands of the earth-spirit who will awaken them all in good time.

KABI then, which means "my pain" is numerically thirty-three and contains a teaching well worth of study. When the teacher hears this cry and recognises the man as an aspirant, when the disciple thinks that his pain is too great to be borne then is help vouchsafed him. He is instructed to centre himself in God to rise from the Pit into which he has been thrown.

The word BAL which means "in God" has the same numerical value (33) as KABI (my pain). We see that the symbol of the Higher Self (A) is centered in this word pointing out to the disciples the goal to which he must attain.

When this centring has been effected the disciple is told that now he will have to meet his real Self and become one with his Father, the Master within. "In God" says the Teacher, "shalt thou find thy Father, through pain and by the destruction of pain shalt thou rise from the Pit."

The word pain as we have seen it is numerically 33. From this we get the word BAL in God, also 33. In God the Father is to be found, by union the Self is to be known, as we see by changing the letters to those of the same numerical value, viz., ABIKh, literally thy Father (33).

These lessons learned, the disciple rises from the Pit and having become one with God returns to the Mount from whence he came and receives the Law as all true Initiates have to do. Then it is said that he will live for ever.

These teachings are also found in studying the perfect number 33, for not only does it refer to the Pain of the Disciple, the Father, the centring of the self in God but it shows us that the man returns to the heights after these struggles and really begins to live in the eternal. The word GL means Mountain and has the numerical value of 33, whilst YChIH has the same value and means he will live (in the eternal).

Thus in this number 33 is hidden the secret which tells how the risen one escapes for ever from the connection which he has been forced to make with Asmodeus and enters into that state in which Goodness and Light are predominating characteristics. Anything the treader of the Path possesses of these qualities is owing to individual advancement, but the popular or uninstructed world is not yet out of the hands of Asmodeus nor likely to be for ages to come. From all these teachings we should learn infinite patience and tolerance with our less progressed brothers, remembering the jewels from the Hall of Wisdom as set down in Light on the Path.

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Afrikan Divinatory Systems

African Divination Systems: Ways of Knowing
(African Systems of Thought)
Edited by Philip M. Peek

“This volume of finely crafted case studies is also the vehicle for an important general theory of divination…. this is a book overflowing with ideas that will powerfully stimulate further research.” — Journal of Ritual Studies

“The essays in this collection provide a very useful overview of both the diversity of African divination systems and of recent approaches to their study.” — Choice
“This unique collection of essays by an exceptional international group of Africanists demonstrates the central role that divination continues to play throughout Africa in maintaining cultural systems and in guiding human action. African Divination Systems offers insights for current discussions in comparative epistemology, cross-cultural psychology, cognition studies, semiotics, ethnoscience, religious studies, and anthropology.

The essays in this collection provide a very useful overview of both the diversity of African divination systems and of recent approaches to their study. The introduction critically reviews the preoccupations of earlier students of African divination. The essays that follow are divided into five sections that explore, in turn, the identity of the diviner; comparative and historical issues; the central role of divination in the articulation of cultural ideas, norms, and values within society; the making of knowledge through the divinatory process; and the integration of normal and nonnormal ways of knowing within the divination process. Although all of the essays provide rich ethnographic data, the essays in the fourth and fifth section are the most interesting from a theoretical perspective. They provide the clearest critique of previous positivist approaches to divination, which focus on the outcomes of the divinatory process while failing to appreciate the meanings and truths that inhere to, and are articulated by, the process itself. Of particular interest are the facinating articles by Rosalind Shaw and Philip Peek. Highly recommended for advanced undergraduates.” — R. M. Packard, Tufts University, Choice, December 1991

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Chinese Occultism & Divination

Chinese Occultism
by Paul Carus


An explanation of the universe which derives all distinctions between things, conditions, relations, etc., from differences of mixture, must have appeared very plausible to the ancient sages of China, and we appreciate their acumen when we consider that even to-day advanced Western scientists of reputation attempt to explain the universe as a congeries of force-centers, acting either by attraction or repulsion in analogy to positive and negative electricity. On the ground of this fact the educated Chinese insist with more than a mere semblance of truth, that the underlying idea of the Chinese world-conception is fully borne out and justified by the results of Western science.

While it is obvious that the leading idea of the yih is quite scientific, we observe that as soon as the Chinese thinkers tried to apply it a priori without a proper investigation of cause and effect, they abandoned more and more the abstract (and we may say, the purely mathematical) conception of the yang and yin, fell victims to occultism, and used the yih for divination purposes. When we compare the vagaries of the occultism of the yih with the accomplishments of Western science, we may feel very wise and superior, but we should not forget that it was the same fallacious argument of wrong analogy which produced in China the many superstitious practices of the yih, and in the history of our civilisation, astrology, alchemy, and magic. These pseudo-sciences were taken seriously in the world of thought throughout the Middle Ages and began to be abolished only after the Reformation with the rise of genuine astronomy, genuine chemistry, and genuine nature science. If the Chinese are wrong we must remember that there was a time when we made the same mistake.

The Chinese outfit for divination consists of fifty stalks called “divining-sticks” and six small oblong blocks to represent the hexagrams. These blocks are not unlike children’s building-blocks, but they bear on two adjoining sides incisions dividing the oblong faces into equal sections, so as to give the surface the appearance of a yin figure. The sticks are made of stalks of the milfoil plant (ptarmica sibirica) which is cultivated on the tomb of Confucius and regarded as sacred.

Pious people consult the oracle on all important occasions. They are first careful to make themselves clean, and then assume a calm and reverential attitude of mind. The diviner then takes out one stick and places it in a holder on the center of the table. This single stalk is called “the grand limit” (t‘ai chih), the ultimate cause of existence. He next lifts the forty-nine remaining sticks above his forehead with his right hand, and divides them at random into two parts, at the same time holding his breath and concentrating his thoughts on the question to be answered. The sticks in the right hand are then placed on the table, and one is taken out from them and placed between the fourth and fifth fingers of the left hand. The three groups are now called heaven, earth and man. The left-hand group is then counted with the right hand in cycles of eight, and the number of the last group yields the lower trigram of the answer, called the inner complement. This number is counted after the oldest order of the eight trigrams, viz., that of Fuh-Hi corresponding to the inverted binary arrangement. The upper trigram, called the outer complement, is determined in the same way.

After the hexagram is determined, one special line is selected by the aid of the divining-sticks in the same way as before, except that instead of counting in cycles of eight, the diviner now counts in cycles of six. Having thus established the hexagram and a special line in it, he next consults the Yih King which contains a definite meaning for each hexagram as a whole, and also for each single line; and this meaning is made the basis of the divine answer.

It is obvious that this complicated process presupposes a simpler one which, however, must have been in use in pre-historic times, for as far as Chinese history dates back the divining stalks and the kwa system are referred to in the oldest documents.

34:21 Anu, Bel, and Ea are the Sumerian trinity. The words Bel and Ea are illegible on the tablet and have been restored by an unequivocal emendation. A doubtful word of the tablet has been translated by “omen” which presupposes that the translator regards the tablet as a means of divination.

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Divination Theory

Theory of Divination
Tim Maroney

"'Divination' is the production of information by magical, occult, or supernatural means. Tarot cards, I Ching, astrology, and the other well-known oracles are forms of divination.

Many other forms of divination are known, such as the prophecying of the Pythoness at the ancient shrine of Apollo at Delphi; oneiromancy or dream interpretation; geomancy, divination by making dots in a tray of sand; bibliomancy, flipping randomly to a passage in a book (usually the Bible); chiromancy or palm-reading; necromancy, communing with dead souls; pyromancy or divination by flames; crytallomancy or crystal-gazing; ornithomancy, interpretation of the flights and cries of birds; and, of course, the Tibetan milk-bottle method of Special Agent Dale Cooper..."

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Valentine's Day Floating Candles

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Pink, white, and red floating candles are perfect for Valentine’s Day centerpieces. Place one of each color in 3 cylinder vases of 3 different heights, or place some of each color in a large glass bowl. Floating candles are inexpensive for decorating and instantly add a splash of color. Pink, white, and red are typical colors for Valentine’s Day, so floating candles in these colors would work for decorating or for gifts.