Monday, May 23, 2005

Ley Lines

Ley Lines: A Geophysical or Mystical Phenomena

Frater K.A. Sahure, D.D., Msc.D.
Kheti Metaphysical Institute
Temple of Kemetic Wicca

"Ley Lines or Leys" are generally considered, by some scientists and researchers, to be invisible lines or vortices of energies and forces networking throughout the Earth’s crust, standing stones, and cairns (stone circles) in many geometric patterns and straight-line arrays, alignments, and configurations that connected ancient sacred sites and grounds, churches, stone circles, crossroads, temples, stone megaliths, holy wells, burial sites, mounds, barrows, tumuli, trees, hill forts, castles, and other specialized locations reaching across a geographic area from a single or small site to distances ranging up to several miles in length around the world. These energies and forces are also known as Telluric Current or Earth Current. Earth Current is defined as the natural electrical current flowing on and beneath the surface of the Earth; this electric current usually follows a path that is parallel to the Earth's surface.

In ancient and modern times, a cairn or stone circle is an arrangement of stones used as a boundary marker, a memorial setting, or as a burial site. Cairns are usually conical in shape and were often erected on high ground because the land was too difficult to excavate as a burial site and to ward off wild animals which might disturb the body and burial ground. Cairns date back as far as and from the Neolithic Period and the Early Bronze Age.

Moreover, Telluric currents arise from electrical charges attempting to gain equilibrium between geographic regions of different electric potentials and fields as a result from low-frequency electromagnetic waves from outer space, particularly from the magnetic field on the surface of the earth or magnetosphere, and moving electrical charged particles in the ionosphere and the atmosphere. Geoscientists have often use Telluric currents to map subsurface structures and topographies, sedimentary rock basins (including river, bay, delta, beach, and ocean basins), layered rocks, volcanoes, faults, and fault lines.

The phrase "Ley Lines" was supposedly coined by Alfred Watkins (1855-1935) of Herefordshire, England, who was a businessman, amateur archaeologist photographer, and antiquarian, on June 30, 1921, after he had discovered a straight alignment passing through various ancient sites and churches on a map of the Blackwardine area. Watkins soon became convinced that these Ley lines were possible Neolithic trading routes; and from there, he published his findings in his book Early British Trackways (1922) which did not receive much attention. In 1925, he published more of his theories and findings about Ley lines in his book The Old Straight Track which gained attention and interest. Watkins’ massive information gathering, research, and his mathematical proof attempted to pointed out and support that the distribution of the key points along the Ley lines could not have resulted by mere chance and that the more points he found to lie on a single straight line on a map would improve or increase the credibility of the Ley alignment. Ley lines are a form of symbolic landscaping if you will.

Some very familiar key examples of natural or geological Ley lines alignments are:

1. The Ancient Pyramids of China, Egypt, Mexico (Mayan & Aztec), and Greece
2. The Grand Canyon in Arizona
3. The Recumbent Stone Circles in North East Scotland
4. Stonehenge in England
5. Chinle Petrified Forest in Arizona
6. The Eastern French Village of Alaise and the Jura Mountains
7. Easter Island

Other researchers followed Watkins' theories and continue to conduct research about Ley lines. Dion Fortune, a British Occultist, conceptualized in her novel entitled The Goat-Foot God (1936) that there are "lines of force or lines of power" connecting the megalithic sites of Avebury and Stonehenge. Leys continue to be a metaphysical mystery and esoteric phenomena to this day; and the fact still remains that the Earth, along with its natural forces, and everything within it have associative energies which influence all organic and inorganic matter.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Some Craft Definitions

{The following educational information is geared toward those who are newcomers to the Craft.}

Celtic Wiccan Triple (Triadic) Goddess –
Maiden, Mother, and Crone; the masculine equivalent is Son, Father, and Grandfather (often represented as Lugh, Herne / Cernunnos, and Dagda). The Triple Goddess is often represented as Boann, Brighid / Danu, and Cerridwen. There are a number of triadic God/dess variations depending upon the Celtic tribe or religious sect.

Summerland –

This spiritual realm, within the universe, represents where your spirit or soul goes once it leaves the human vessel or body to await reincarnation.

Magick Circle –
This also referred to a Sacred Space or Protective Sphere of positive energy that allows one to work within and keeps negative energies, forces, and/or spirit entities outside. Keep in mind that one can “allow” negative forces inside of the sacred space at will because you invoke them on purpose especially when practicing “Black” Magick. Keep in mind that there are negative forces that will try to invade your circle too.

The one major drawback of working as a Solitary Witch is that you don’t have the more powerful energies of your Coven members! From my coven days, and now being solitary, I know the difference in the levels of energies. I know now that it takes much more positive effort, energy, and time on my part, as a Solitary Witch today, to perform the same Magick and see results than when I lived in a coven. Keep in mind that there are many other variables (such as, time of day, position of the stars, moon, and planets; internal and external environmental factors and forces, i.e., the elementals; the energies your pets emit; the energies of those around you when you perform Magick, etc.) in play continually that can and will influence your Magickal work and outcomes.

Lastly, please keep in mind the Laws of Probability, the Laws of Nature, the Laws of Physics, and the Laws of Chemistry (Inorganic and Organic), the Laws of Karma, the Laws of Yin & Yang, and the Law of Return because all of these can work together in unison with you and/or against you. I don’t spend time trying to figure out or understand the Netherworld (Spirit Realm) in totality—for I just visit there to work with the spirits as best and positively as possible--thus learning what I can…when I can...from what the spirits wish to share.

This topic will be explored further along the mystic path of time.

Em hotep & Blesséd Be,

~Temple of Kemetic Wicca~

Friday, May 13, 2005

A Personal Blessing

The Blessing

{This personal blessing may be performed by any Priestess/Priest and for anyone, anything, or inanimate object.}

Priestess/Priest: [recites once]

Be assured the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt are by your side in spirit, peace, comfort, and harmony during your triumphal time of spiritual need, blessing, and healing.
Be assured that the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt are indeed housed within you, in spirit and being, and bless you divinely,
During the Ancient Egyptian seasons of Akhet (emergence), Peret (growth), Shomu (harvest), and five Epagomenal days of the year,

Be assured the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Witchcraft are housed within you, in spirit and being, and bless you divinely.

Be certain, the Pharaoh’s Obelisk will bestow great, joyful energies and blessings upon you from the many hands of ancient times which created then erected this 5,000 year old symbol and monument, made of earth, in honor of the rising Sun of Re and new beginnings during your cycle of life’s enlightenment in the here and now, the afterlife, and through your eventual reincarnation.

Hail and harness the divine power (Netjer) of Isis, Sekhmet, and Re, as bestowed upon thee, and as the mighty Scarab moves across the earth from sunrise to sunset.

May your days bring new beginnings and enlightenment for you with all of your hopes and wishes granted upon thee by the Netjeru and Celtic Gods and Goddesses.

In the Light of the Egyptian Pantheon,
The Lady & Lord,
The Maiden, Mother & Crone,
Em hotep & Blesséd Be!
Copyright © 2001 – 2005 Temple of Kemetic Wicca

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Spirits, Ghosts & Entities

Spirits, Ghosts & Entities

Rev. Dr. Sahure
High Priest
Temple of Kemetic Wicca

No one can speak for anyone else in the matter of spirituality, religion, or one’s choice of secular path. However, there are some folks who are sentient, have the gift, and ability of sensing, working, and conversing with spirits, ghosts, and the Netherworld or Spirit world. Some go by the title of Medium, Shaman, Priestess, Seer, Oracle, Priest, Minister, etc. inside and outside of the spirit of the spirit realm. What may be considered real to one person may not be the same for another; yet, spirits do exist within our universe, walk among us each and everyday, and do emit and consume energy—positive and negative.

Spirits of the good, bad, and the ugly (and in between) kind can and have appeared and presented themselves. This just does happens. Spirits present themselves in and through many forms--e.g., voices, shadows and other imagery, taste, smell, living people, non-living people, animals, objects and movement of objects (animism), our dreams, meditation, the four elementals (earth, air, fire, and water), and through contacting them yourself or by others placing and/or invoking spirits, and more.

Engaging and dealing with spirits based on their presentation (especially, in visual form) can be just as challenging as those spirits that do not present themselves visually. During ritual and divination, one might invoke (or invite) particular deities and spirits to be present, oversee and preside, help with one’s spiritual workings, or just request their presence out of respect and their blessings depending upon what needs to be accomplished.

In many cases, people do not realize that there are spirit entities among them. Some spirits will tell you why they are here; some will mildly or boldly announce their presence to gain one’s attention. Some spirits, ghosts, or entities will engage you and some will not. At times, spirits bring forth messages and actions of good tidings, warnings, and sometimes to promote ill will or deeds of the very negative in nature. Call this folklore, madness, hysteria, para-psychic, or just plainly—a spiritually paranormal experience or connection with the cosmos.

As an example, the real or spirit presentation of a snake or serpent generally represents positive change, growth, and/or transformation within the cycle of life—a rebirth of life akin to the daily rising of the Sun (and the powerful, all encompassing influences of the Sun God Re). In addition, animals can present or represent themselves as a spirit guide. The serpent or snake has been worshipped by ancient peoples, Eastern, and Western cultures and religions for eons partly due to this creature’s mystical and supernatural powers. Another good example--cats and felines which are some of the most revered life forms within our universe and animal kingdom because of their recuperative powers; cats have the spiritual ability to drive away negativity and negative energies of all types based upon their mystical energies drawn from natural activities of the Moon.

All in all, spirits, ghosts, and entities do exist and walk among us all. It is up to the individual to investigate and interpret the reason for and meaning of their presentation and mysticism.

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Musings of Sifu H.A. Diop 05.01.05

Nature will provides light, darkness, warmth, coldness,
food, fruit,
air, fire, water, earth,
and above all--it teaches all a reverence for LIFE!