Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tax Rebate

What a joke!

This is what our government really thinks about all of us! LOL!

I must agree with some of the opposing economists of this "money madness plan" that this silly rebate will not stimulate the economy at all.

If our government really wants to do something very purposeful, then it should initiate a serious measure to allocate funds to a national health care plan for everyone in America; that is, FREE preventative health care maintenance and medical benefits for everyone!

We will not dare to venture into the realm of high gasoline prices either....

Think about it while searching for your Slide Rule, Abacus, etc.


Snow Day?

Greetings to all readers,

Seriously, I absolutely agree with the school official's voice mail being that I AM old school!

Seriously again, I have become very weary of so many children attempting to act as adults when they truly ARE NOT! Yes, you have a right to speak your mind--but only appropriately and respectfully.

You are children and children must be taught to keep there place as children.

Rarely do your parents get a "snow day" off from work no matter the weather conditions. I bet you never think about this!

And for those children out there who feel they should get a snow day off, then you need to correct your thinking immediately!

When I was in school, I attended classes each and every day no matter what! And yes, we walked to and from school!

Believe me, if I were the President of the United States--I would draft and enforce an Executive Order that no child from Pre-K through 12th Grade gets a day off other than for major holidays, family crisis, and/or personal illness. You all would be in school during the summer too!

Kids like you (the snow day complainer) continue to contribute nothing to American society while having everything given to you hand and foot. And I do not feel sorry for hurting your little tender feelings! Your parents need to do more than that!

There are many academically and socially achieving children within our United States who do deserve a day or two off for their hard work at school, in the social world, and at home. And yes, I call YOU children because you all ARE NOT adults yet!

Say and spout what you wish! But until you are the bread winner and paying for all of your silly, over-priced clothing, hairdos, music, etc.--then sit down, shut up, study, read, learn, have some fun, and keep your place as a child!

Because you will eventually emerge into the real work-a-day world where folks like me and many others who will not care about your petty feelings, tender egos, and will tell you so and let you know without reprisal! From there, you can go cry to your momma and daddy. And if you ever have them step in my face, then I will personally make them cry too...that they did not teach their children better, respectful behavior!

Your silliness just wastes everyone's time as well as being disrespectful to your school teachers, your school's administrative staff, your parents, and of course yourself!

One of many problems in today's America stem from children not being taught by their parents and/or guardians RESPECT and COURTESY!

Blame the teachers for your nonsense and unwillingness to learn—well, I don’t think you should!

Our globally technological world IS NOT all about YOU! Like it or not, many Baby Boomers are here to stay and many of you youngsters truly need to fathom this! I do not wish to make a sweeping indictment of all young folks being inept because as I have said there are many of you who are exemplary in you attitude, conduct, and purposefulness. Adults need to step up to the plate and be accountable by not accepting poor behavior of our young as being something else and then rewarding them for failure.

Many people in our United States have become absolutely sick and tired of the crap that is handed to our school teachers and school administrators of America!

Teachers are true role models! Give them the serious RESPECT and professional accord due to all teachers!

Blessed Be,

Dr. Kheti A. Sahure VI°, D.D., Msc.D.
Elder High Priest Ordained
Spiritual Counselor
Temple of Kemetic Wicca

Thursday, January 10, 2008



My heart is winged and dancing
But my body is fastened to this chair
I am afraid to live, afraid to love you;
And all the while, you're unaware.

But I am reaching out to Goddess
No longer held motionless in trance;
I touch your face, I kiss your sweet lips
And now my heart begins to dance.

© Copyright 1/10/08
Beth Clare Johnson
(Mystic Raven)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wiccan-Americans: U.S. Presidential Election 2008

The Wiccan Vote:

How will the many Wiccan-Americans vote in this major Presidential Election and who will they vote for?

Blessed Be!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sacred Geometry: A Circle Squared

"Squaring the circle"
By J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson (April 1999)

"There are three classical problems in Greek mathematics which were extremely influential in the development of geometry. These problems were those of squaring the circle, doubling the cube and trisecting an angle. Although these are closely linked, we choose to examine them in separate articles. The present article studies what has become the most famous for these problems, namely the problem of squaring the circle or the quadrature of the circle as it is sometimes called.

One of the fascinations of this problem is that it has been of interest throughout the whole of the history of mathematics. From the oldest mathematical documents known up to the mathematics of today the problem and related problems concerning π have interested both professional mathematicians and amateur mathematicians.

One of the oldest surviving mathematical writings is the Rhind papyrus, named after the Scottish Egyptologist A Henry Rhind who purchased it in Luxor in 1858. It is a scroll about 6 metres long and 1/3 of a metre wide and was written around 1650 BC by the scribe Ahmes who copied a document which is 200 years older. This gives date for the original papyrus of about 1850 BC but some experts believe that the Rhind papyrus is based on a work going back to 3400 BC.

In the Rhind papyrus Ahmes gives a rule to construct a square of area nearly equal to that of a circle. The rule is to cut 1/9 off the circle's diameter and to construct a square on the remainder. Although this is not really a geometrical construction as such it does show that the problem of constructing a square of area equal to that of a circle goes back to the beginnings of mathematics. This is quite a good approximation, corresponding to a value of 3.1605, rather than 3.14159, for π..."

Full Essay:

[Endnote from Rev. P.M. Lorca:
Within the Realm of Sacred Geometry, there are a number of practical uses for the squaring of a circle technique in conjure and bringing forth cosmic (universal) energies and transferences within the applied disciplines of Occult Metaphysics, "Specified" Occultism, and Ritual Magick practices, especially, in pyramidical energy work.]